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Sword and Shield Countdown Thread

Meanwhile; I'm trying to flog Spyro Trilogy and Mario Odyssey on marketplace over here in Cyprus so I can afford Sword for €60 D: ... me and my best friend have saved to move back to the UK in just under 10 days and I'd be lying if I said Pokemon wasn't a priority also lmao.

The irony is that we're also planning to move over to Devon (which is south west England) and similar to where my Galar journey will begin location wise, I'm beyond excited now given the relevancy :D
I've got Shield now. Man, you guys should've seen how long the line was at the EB Games in the Adelaide ***. With everyone positive about the games, and having no faults with the dex cut because they know the excluded Pokémon will return in a later game. Not like on the internet at all.

I think the last time I had to wait in line for more than five minutes for a newly-released game was for Kingdom Hearts III earlier this year.
My game is already on the way, but it's most likely going to arrive about 1-2 days later. :confused_emoji:
It's midnight where I am! Imma be rolling on out of here and not returning for like 12 hours or so. ...Maybe longer since I'll have the game by then. Come along, Faileas, this is our stop.

Wait where's Moonie-


I heard someone on the board mentioning official art of Inteleon?
I heard someone on the board mentioning official art of Inteleon?


Not sure what this is in, but this does appear to contain the official artwork for the starters and their evolutions.
Yay, it's on the local delivery truck. now we wait =.=
Actually, they don't start deliveries until an hour from now, but at least I know it's there.
Finally got mine :bulbaLove: I'll only be able to play it at the end of the day but I'm sooo excited already!


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The day is finally here! The games are out! People are playing them and I am seeing so many people who are enjoying them! It feels good to be a Pokemon fan right now!

I'll be picking up my Double Pack in just a few hours from now. I can't wait till I get home and can put the games in and finally start my journey! To everyone who has the game, I'll meet you all in Galar!
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