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Speculation The ACTUAL worse case scenario with gen 5 remakes

Blackjack Gabbiani

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Jan 1, 2003
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Everyone thinks "it's just like BDSP" is the worst case scenario and that's woefully off base. BDSP for all its faults kept everyone in character and retained the story of the original. There is a MUCH MUCH WORSE prior game they could draw precedent from.

No, the worst case scenario is taking Ghetsis, the most evil monster in the entire franchise, and pulling an Ultra Lusamine with him, weakening a terrifying villain into nothing and pulling the rest of the story down around them.
Alright, this is as good a time as any to ask this question. I just posted and deleted a rant about it that I felt was a bit too angry and dismissive of other peoples' opinions on the matter, I'm ready to listen and ready to learn.

What's the difference with USUM Lusamine? No, seriously, what's the problem? I actually cannot figure it out for the life of me as Resident Alola Scholar. Heck, maybe that's why I can't put two and two together, I'm just too biased and not critically analyzing things properly. I mean, yes, her goal is different, going from "MMMM ALIEN JELLYFISH POISON GIMME GIMME" to "lemme solo the light dude rq I'm doing a good I promise". And yes, ostensibly the latter is less blatantly selfish. But like... The narrative makes it clear that she's still doing a bad thing? At no point do Lillie or Gladion go "Wow mom thanks a lot", and not a single one of her really unhinged moments from the original script are sanded down. This is still a story about a woman driven to a deeply twisted, unhealthy and destructive coping mechanism from the loss of her husband, the breakdown of her remaining family that follows and the start of the long road to reconciliation, all that's changed is what the cope looks like cuz they wanted you to fight the awesome light dragon they designed. I guess if you're really bummed out about Ultra Necrozma replacing the Nihilego Lusamine fight I can get being a little annoyed about that, but that doesn't seem to be the be-all end-all crux of this argument, at least I don't think so. It sometimes feels to me that the fandom has collectively concocted this bizarre, non-existent alternate script where Lusamine does nothing wrong and the story sympathizes with her leaving her as a woobified shell of how she was originally written. If someone can present to me some damning side-to-side dialogue comparisons that give this idea credence, I would love to see them.

Anyways, to keep on topic: I doubt they would ever "nerf" Ghetsis. Last time we saw him he straight up threatened to kill an eleven year old girl so yeah lol. Granted that was nearly 7 years ago (good lord) but considering some of the topics I've seen touched upon in SV I doubt GF would consider him "too much" for their modern standards (Fun game to play with friends: Show them Ghetsis and Ogerpon's stock art and ask them which character has a confirmed body count).
Take the base game, turn the graphics into BDSP (tho honestly I was more upset about how the models of Pokemon following you looked than about the people being chibified). Make Battle Subway inaccessible. Give it the bugs and glitches of SV. Make PvP hard to access, slap in the 20 minute battle timer. Bring back Terastallization.

Also off topic but I'd be down to throw an Ultra Lusamine towards Ghetsis if that means the game actually focuses on building up the story of the Legendary behind it this time, much like what we got for USUM. Would have rather they did that with B2W2 honestly.

The main difference between Lusamine in SM and Lusamine in USUM were the circumstances she was put through during the story and how her case in SM was more personally tied with her family than with her traditional role in Alola. USUM Lusamine was more prioritized on her job than about finding family. I believe there are differences, but I don't believe Lusamine was handled very well in SM anyway due to the lack of proper development behind her story, which eventually boiled down to a sheer lack of direction in how Gamefreak handled her. They had her desires shift to multiple different things within a very short span of time for an excuse that's such a cop-out because it never got remotely fleshed out when it was necessary. To me, the story even focused so much on the human aspect that the very most critical factors that played to Lusamine's SM character, how Lusamine could have potentially developed, and the build-up behind Alola's worldbuilding in general were heavily dismissed. For this, I don't mind the changes in USUM. I believe with what USUM had, USUM had a better handled build-up, better handled climax, and better handled resolution all across the board, making it an overall better story.
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No one thought that the worst-case scenario would be no remake at all. It's funny to see the direction that TPC decide to go.
You can't really turn Ghetis into a good person as he just doesn't have any redeeming qualities whatsoever, but you could have a situation where he is fighting a greater evil that is threatening the Unova region. It is believable that he might do that for purely selfish reasons; I mean, it is impossible to rule the world if it no longer exists because the Original Dragon decided it wanted to cleanse humankind from the face of the Earth.
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