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The Most Gratuitous Fantasy in Pokémon History


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Oct 4, 2009
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One day, the world of Pokémon is going to come to an end.

It's not going to happen any time soon. Alpha knows the Pokémon Company isn't showing any signs of slowing down. I suspect that I'm not the only one who dearly hopes that it won't happen until Trainers like me - who were born into this world very near to the world of Pokémon's own birth - are long since old, grey, and blind, if not dead and buried in the ground. And to anyone who intends to use that as an excuse to talk trash about the people who brought it about: if you would kindly frick off, everyone would be better off for it. But the contents of this thread were concocted on those grounds, and I'm going to politely ask that anyone who intends to keep reading be willing to accept that premise.

One day, the world of Pokémon is going to come to an end. And I have less than no reason to believe it will go quietly. Nothing could convince me that when twilight falls on that wild world, it will not be given the greatest swansong that Nintendo, Game Freak, and the Pokémon Company can muster. In a period of morbidity, I found myself contemplating what that swansong might entail. And being on my way out, I have decided that I want to share these contemplations with my fellow Pokémon fans, for reasons threefold.

First, as any creator of fan work is wont, I wish to share my concoctions with my fellow fans, in the hopes that they might find some enjoyment with them; whether from relishing in my fantasies or laughing at my absurdity, I will have no regrets.

Second, there are certain elements of my concoctions that describe visual aspects, for which my ability to give them form is vanishingly weak. It is my hope that anyone who comes across this, enjoys it, and is skilled in the visual arts might be willing to manifest them in my stead.

And third... as any creator of fan work is wont, it is my hope that those who created the world in which my fan works are set may come across my fan works, and be inspired by them. Those who claim that no creator would ever do so are to be scorned, for there are numerous examples of those who have. And if there is any chance, however infinitesimal, that the creators of the world of Pokémon may take inspiration from my concoctions, I have no intention of letting it rot in my Documents after I die.

So, I must ask your forgiveness, but I present to you: the most gratuitous fantasy in the history of the Pokémon (games') fandom. Or at least it was, before certain developments in 2022.

The Pokédex Completion Series
A selection of games, released with at least the successiveness of Legends: Arceus and Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl, if not the simultaneity of Assassin's Creed Rogue and Unity. One entry for each region in the core series, in which every Pokémon introduced in that region, and every Pokémon related to a Pokémon introduced in that region, can be acquired by a single player - a task which is possible without, but made vastly easier by, communicating with one's fellow players as the series' foundation is built upon.
(For the purposes of this proclamation, regional forms are considered separate Pokémon introduced in separate regions.)

And I do mean every Pokémon. Mythical Pokémon, formerly event-exclusive or requiring outside intervention, are made available via in-game events - inspired by those extant in the core series where available, and produced from wholecloth where not. Pokémon that must be chosen between can be found wild, or received as Eggs from others who have selected from the remainder. Common Pokémon formerly version-exclusive can be acquired by trading with a select NPC in a given region - a random selection from the unavailable per day, each Pokémon traded for its version-exclusive counterpart, the particular batch available to a given player decided by their Trainer ID in the manner of Sinnohan fossils in Platinum. And as for once-version-exclusive Legendary Pokémon, those can - with certain exceptions that should be clear in context - be caught by the heroic Trainer who defeats the villains intent on exploiting them.

Each entry is named for the upper version (or, in some cases, a theoretical upper version) of the region that it hosts, frequently in the fashion of the remake versions (or, in some cases, currently-theoretical remake versions) for that region. And cases where the story has diverged appropriately, the story that unfolds within that region also reflects a combination of said upper versions and remakes. The boxart features the assigned mascot for said upper versions first and foremost, but also hosts appearances of the mascots for the base versions for that region.

And, just for the cherry of absurdity atop this sundae of fantasy: there will be an arena. In addition to a game for every region, there will be a Stadium/Battle Revolution-esque game where Pokémon from those other games can be transferred, in which every Pokémon from every region can fight every other Pokémon with every empowerment. You can have a Primal Groudon and a Mega Sceptile battle a Gigantamax Inteleon and an Ultra Necrozma.
(In the same way that a Rayquaza holding a Z-Crystal cannot Mega Evolve, a Pokémon holding a Mega Stone or Z-Crystal [or a Rayquaza that knows Dragon Ascent] cannot be Dynamaxed).

Kanto - Pokémon Ocean Blue
Boxart: Blastoise front and center, Charizard and Venusaur flanking

Red and Leaf will be our player characters once more, and the undecided will not be absent. They will make silent cameo appearances throughout the story, and will randomly appear in the Indigo Plateau lobby as the designated trade partner. How do you know what they're proposing? Well, how does Red sign up for the Pokémon World Tournament? Don't worry about it, Jack.

Not much to say story-wise, owing to the stalwart nature of the Kantonian story. However, the Sevii Islands will once again be available (sans Navel Rock and Birth Island), with some tweaks to the story to adjust for the changed meta. Rocket's remnants will be brewing about, and it is your job to make sure they don't get up to anything in less than three years. There is a gathering place on a little spit of rock north of Seven Island where Kanto Gym Leaders will gather for rematches (including Giovanni, who is trying to shake the authorities off his tail with semi-random traveel which means semi-random appearances).

Upon defeating or catching Mewtwo in Cerulean Cave, a strange chart will be found behind his podium. Take that Old Sea Map to Vermilion Harbor, and the captain of the Seagallop High-Speed 7 will inform you that it is pointing to a place near the Sevii Islands that should be empty waters. He takes you there regardless... and promptly lets you explore Faraway Island while he reaches under the steering wheel to pick up his jaw off the floor.

And finally, with a complete Kanto Pokédex, Professor Oak will show you an interesting item that a compatriot of his has acquired - a Mystery Box. When used outside of a building, this bizarre artifact summons a Meltan for an immediate battle, after which the box becomes non-responsive until the next day. And if three of these liquid metal Pokémon are caught, then a Melmetal will be summoned upon its next usage, posing a much greater challenge to defeat or capture.

Johto - Pokémon Noble Crystal
Boxart: Entei, Suicune, and Raikou in ensemble, with Ho-Oh and Lugia soaring above

Our bitter rival, Silver, will - after being taught his hard lesson - be found in Cherrygrove City, offering to trade Pokémon in the interest of exploring all his options to become stronger. He will not be here on days when he can be found at the Indigo Plateau for a battle, but if you're trying to complete the Pokédex and willing to trade random rolls of the dice with NPCs as opposed to communicating with your fellow human beings, you should be willing to wait a day for him to come back to Cherrygrove.

Suicune will lead you on a chase throughout Johto, but not into Kanto. After Eusine chases it to Cianwood City, Mt. Mortar, and outside the National Park, the Northwind Beast will lie in wait at the dead-end terminus of Route 48, where it must be battled. The Director at the Radio Tower will award you the Rainbow Feather for defeating Team Rocket, and upon defeating or catching Suicune, Eusine will entrust you with the Silver Feather.
Once Suicune has been battled, before you can Surf onward to the Indigo Plateau, you must pay a visit to Ecruteak Theater. Present one feather to the Kimono Girls to receive its corresponding Bell, and then follow the girls to the appropriate ceremony in order to battle Ho-Oh or Lugia. The one summoned by the Bell and dance will be at a level that should be reasonable to defeat by a pre-Elite Four party; the other will be at a much more threatening level that demands your devoted training.

Kanto will be revisitable once again, Gym Leaders from both regions can be rematched in Saffron City, and the battle with Red will be atop Mt. Silver for your ultimate challenge if you think you're up to fighting the strongest Pokémon Trainer to date. And... I'd like to say there's a potential match with Leaf somewhere en route up the mountain. Team composition: Jigglypuff (because she's a Smash perfect attendee), Gyarados, Kabutops/Omastar (decided by your bird), Aerodactyl, Hitmonlee/Hitmonchan (likewise), and Vaporeon/Jolteon/Flareon (decided by your starter).

Once you have all sixteen badges, visit Professor Oak's Pokémon Lab and find Professor Elm paying him a visit regarding something he has come across - a strange Poké Ball in silver and gold. Take that to Kurt, kill a day, pay him a visit, and then take the GS Ball into the Ilex Forest, where Celebi will react to its placement in the shrine at the forest clearing.

Hoenn - Pokémon Delta Emerald
Boxart: Mega Rayquaza alighting, with Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre facing off below

Professor Elm's child Brendan/May will, after facing off with the Champion, be available to trade random Pokémon in the interest of cooperative Pokédex completion. They can be found in Rustboro City when post-game developments do not demand their presence.

Steven has a Key Stone (as do Maxie and Archie), and offers you a Mega Bracelet after an idle conversation turns into a one-turn encounter with a roaming Latias or Latios (corresponding to the player's gender) When you catch it, you'll find it holding its Mega Stone. Team Magma and Team Aqua are both engaged in disaster, with Archie rocking a sleek base in Lilycove and Maxie taking refuge in a cave on Jagged Pass. After they both end up awakening Groudon and Kyogre, you must approach Wallace in the pit of the Cave of Origin, where a gigantic chasm separates you from Hoenn's Core.
Wallace explains what purpose the energy in Hoenn's Core serves - namely, awakening the Primal Reversion in Groudon and Kyogre - and that the super-ancient Pokémon are currently fighting over the right to claim that energy. The only solution is to seek out Rayquaza at Sky Pillar before either of them can emerge victorious, and so Sootopolitan Wallace will battle you outside the cave leading to it.
The fluctuating skies outside mean that lighting is poor in the Pillar, and the drawings on the walls don't get a lot of focus. Rayquaza alights in Sootopolis, quelling Kyogre and Groudon without Mega Evolving; once the super-ancient Pokémon have departed, Wallace leaves to seal the Sky Pillar once more. Juan is in the Gym Leader's seat in Sootopolis Gym; Wallace gets back as you emerge victorious, and gives you an Eon Ticket to let you go to Southern Island and see your other Eon. Steven is the standing Champion in Ever Grande.

Zinnia has been hiding beneath the concealing Magma Grunt uniform this whole time, and exploiting Maxie's scientific mind (and arguably more potent gone-wrong scenario) to develop the Magma Suit. Concerned by Rayquaza's failure to Mega Evolve when facing off with Groudon and Kyogre, she starts gathering Key Stones in the hopes of being able to invoke Mega Rayquaza and destroy the incoming meteoroid. You end up getting involved, climb Sky Pillar again - hearing the story on the walls from the Draconid Lorekeeper this time - feed Rayquaza a meteor to get its mikado organ pumping, and ride the Delta into space to smash that rock and face off with Deoxys.

The Battle Frontier is south of the region, and the Hoenn Gym Leaders (plus Wallace) can be found perusing the battles on offer, willing to rematch if they are asked. After you've been there once, Zinnia comes to pass on a message on behalf of the Draconid elder, who has found an adorable little Pokémon waking up from an unassuming crystal in Meteor Falls. Pay her a visit to encounter Jirachi.

Sinnoh - Pokémon Radiant Platinum
Boxart: Altered Form Giratina front and center, with Dialga and Palkia flanking and a silhouette of Arceus behind them

Barry will be offering to trade Pokémon in the Resort Area on days where he is not available to battle in the Survival Area. He wants to find certain Pokémon to expand his team, and he's having so much trouble finding them that he's lost his patience and would rather just trade for them.

Looker is running around Sinnoh with his Croagunk, searching after Team Galactic, who have Charon sitting around being egotistical. When Cyrus summons Dialga and Palkia on Spear Pillar, Giratina drags him to the Distortion World, and after facing off with Cynthia at the Pokémon League, Charon gathers the Galactic remnants and takes them to Stark Mountain, intent on exploiting Heatran for mere money. The Battle Frontier is in the Fight Area, posing the greatest challenge in Sinnoh, and the Battleground is in the Survival Area, enticing Gym Leaders and Stat Trainers to gather and battle.

Professor Oak pays Rowan a visit after you're in the Hall of Fame, and is already there when you walk in; he leaves for Ramanas Park, leaving Rowan to give you the Poké Radar. Follow Oak to the end of Route 221... and discover there is a spatiotemporal distortion shrouding the entire park. Cue cameo appearances by Rei and Akari, who reveal that this opened up over the pastures at Jubilife Village in Hisui, a few hundred years prior. They end up brought back to Hisui when the distortion subsides - the Pokémon do not. Hisuian form Pokémon abound in Ramanas Park, which - after deliberation - becomes a pseudo-Safari Zone.

A beautiful blue egg washes up on the shore at Sandgem Town after events in the Distortion World. Carry that around for a while, and watch it hatch into the darling Princess of the Sea.

Sometime after curing Sailor Eldritch's son with the Lunar Feather from Crescent Island (and maybe catching/defeating Cresselia), your mom receives a Member Card in a package with your name on it. Take that to Canalave Inn and be lulled into a nightmare, finding yourself on Newmoon Island for a duel with Darkrai.

Get Charon arrested in Stark Mountain, and Buck's grandfather will have a letter for you from Professor Oak, inviting you to Route 224. Go pay him a visit to open up Seabreak Path, and chase Shaymin northward to meet it properly in the Flower Paradise.

And, for the other Legends reference - complete the Sinnoh Pokédex and pay Rowan a visit to receive the Azure Flute. Take it to Spear Pillar, play a jaunty tune on that ocarina, and you will open up the Hall of Origin to face off with the Alpha.

Unova - Pokémon Wuji: Black and White
Boxart: Kyurem, Reshiram, and Zekrom ensemble, with silhouettes of Black Kyurem and White Kyruem behind them

With two versions of events, there are two stories to tell. Enter the Hall of Fame as Hilbert/Hilda, and you will unlock the option to begin a new chain of events two years later as Rosa/Nate. This will NOT overwrite your save data for the Version 1 story; when loading the game, you may select which Trainer to resume as. This automatically unlocks events formerly assigned to Memory Link.

Cheren is adamant that he will complete the Pokédex, and he is willing to trade with you to do it... during the Version 1 story. During the Version 2 story, he is a nostalgic fricker who is willing to trade just to enable your Pokédex completion. (Yes, those are separate Pokédex lists.)

In Accumula Town the first time through, you will get into a conversation with N, who asks you whether you seek the truth or cling to your ideals. #SchrodingersQuestion, ladies and gents. The answer you give him decides which hero you are. If you think you can handle the truth, Reshiram as the Light Stone is sitting in Nacrene Museum, Opelucid City is an advanced place where Drayden is Gym Leader, you will find Tornadus roaming Unova and causing awful windstorms, and southwestern Unova is home to Black City. If you endeavour to bring your ideals to reality, Zekrom as the Dark Stone is sitting in Nacrene Museum, Opelucid City is an old-fashioned place where Iris is Gym Leader, you will find Thundurus roaming Unova and causing dreadful thunderstorms, and southwestern Unova is home to White Forest.
And the choice you make in the first story will affect what happens in the second story. If the hero of Version 1 caught Reshiram, then the hero of Version 2 will have an encounter with Thundurus, get shocked by Black Kyurem in the Giant Chasm, and be able to climb Black Tower. If the hero of Version 2 caught Zekrom, then the hero of Version 2 will have an encounter with Tornadus, heat up with White Kyurem in the Giant Chasm, and be able to delve into White Treehollow.

Now, can you transfer Pokémon between these two stories? Yes, but it's not as simple as starting in Aspertia with a full PC. The Entralink in the center of Unova is a place of dreams - and dreams do not give a single frick about the passage of time. If you enter Entree Forest in Version 1, you can leave your Pokémon to stay there, and be encountered in Version 2. If you visit Entree Forest in Version 2... you will find a Force of Nature in its Therian Forme causing trouble. Catch or defeat him to be able to meet Pokémon left by Version 1, and leave your Pokémon to go the other way.
The Reveal Glass is available in both stories. If you have both Tornadus and Thundurus in the same Forme, you can meet Landorus at the Abundant Shrine in that Forme, in either Version. And once you catch Landorus, you can go to the Deepest Clearing in the other Version, and meet Enamorus.

In lieu of the Pokémon World Tournament, Clay starts up a Grand Battlefield south of Driftveil City and east of the Cold Storage. While it's under construction in Version 1, only Gym Leaders (and the hero) are invited. It's complete by Version 2, and will host Gym Leaders, retired Gym Leaders, N, Bianca, and maybe cheeky visits from Red and Leaf.

Once you're in the Hall of Fame in Version 1, speak to Juniper and you'll receive the Liberty Pass. Ride the boat from Liberty Pier in Castelia City to reach Liberty Island, where some leftover knights from Team Plasma are harassing Victini.

Gather the first three Swords of Justice in Version 1 and take them to the Moor of Icirrus to meet Keldeo. The encounter is not forced; you are able to leave, change your team, and come back with an alliance that will fare better.

Once you're in the Hall of Fame in Version 2, visit Café Sonata in Castelia City and approach the musician in the corner, who's got a guitar case open to receive coins. Give him a tip, and he'll play a song that attracts Meloetta; chase her through the Castelia Sewers and to Castelia Park for a battle.

And finally, after facing off with Ghetsis in Version 2, head to the P2 Laboratory on Route 17 and witness N absolutely exploding on Scientist Dudley, who has done what he claims to be a miracle of Pokémon engineering, but is in fact an insult to fossil Pokémon revival. N confiscates Genesect and entrusts him to you, believing that you can give it genuine companionship rather than using it as a weapon like Dudley would have.

Kalos - Pokémon Z Order
Boxart: Xerneas and Yveltal ensemble, with Complete Forme Zygarde looming in the background

Trevor really wants to complete the Pokédex. And he is more than happy to trade for the Pokémon he can't catch for himself.

Hah... where do I even start with this story.
Team Flare has been gathering Zygarde Cells and Zygarde Cores prior to the events of the game, intending to use Zygarde to power the ultimate weapon. They have a 50% Forme lined up as a power source, the Scientists each have a 10% Forme on a leash, and there is an Assembly Unit in Lysandre Labs. But the Scientists are good engineers who understand just how valuable mechanical redundancy is, and one point of failure does not for reliable engineering make. So you run into Team Flare Grunts and Admins in Reflection Cave, with an unhatched Yveltal cocoon, and in Route 20's Winding Woods, with an inert tree housing Xerneas. After both acquisitions are thwarted and defenses are lined up, Lysandre goes "frick it, we have enough for two Zygarde" and confiscates the pack of 10% because that's good enough for a backup, right?
The flower blooms in Geosenge after you beat Wulfric, you infiltrate the Secret HQ to stop Lysandre... and Earthen Order gets angry. The 50% dissolves into Cells, the 10% pack dissolves into Cells, and Complete Forme Zygarde manifests to show Team Flare the beauty of falling flower petals. You catch it, Lysandre tries to reclaim it in one last desperate attempt to try and bring his dream to fruition, and then Team Flare is shut down and you can safely head onward to Victory Road.

The Gym Leaders, Elite Four, and Champion are still nobility at the Battle Chateau, though maybe with full teams this time.

Looker is still forming a detective agency in Lumiose City, and Emma keeps the Looker Bureau running after he leaves. The next time you enter Lumiose City, she'll send you a Holo Clip saying you've got a new case. A Ninja Boy, a Gentleman, and a Black Belt have come by, asking for help because their Diancie has been stolen. After she is reclaimed, the Ninja Boy admits that he's not really interested in a Diancie despite his bodyguards' assumptions, and entrusts the Diamond Princess to you.

With a map description like that, the Chamber of Emptiness is begging for more to happen. After you're in the Hall of Fame, pay it a visit and you'll find a floating golden ring housing a portal. Go through, and you find yourself... in Lyra Forest, Fiore. Then in Hia Valley, Almia. Then in Faldera Volcano, Oblivia. Hoopa is fricking with you and the Rangers both. Chase it through the portals, and it'll eventually deposit you both back in the Chamber of Emptiness for a battle proper.

And finally, there are multiple power plants on Route 13, and I'm pretty sure one of those is geothermal. Pay it a visit after you've been to Kiloude City to find Volcanion has woken up in it and is causing havoc.

Alola - Pokémon Ultra Eclipse
Boxart: Ultra Necrozma front and center, Solgaleo and Lunala soaring above

Hau loves the excitement of the island challenge. In an effort to keep that excitement going after he's completed the island challenge, he'll trade Pokémon with you just to see what sort of excitement he can get out of training a new Pokémon.

When you're setting up with Kukui, he will ask you whether you'll be arriving at dawn or dusk. Another #SchrodingersQuestion. If you arrive at dawn, there will be the Altar of the Sunne, the Lake of the Moone, and Nebby will evolve into Solgaleo. If you arrive at dusk, there will be the Altar of the Moone, the Lake of the Sunne, and Nebby will evolve into Lunala.
And once you're there, and have met Lillie and gotten your Z-Ring... she will mention an eclipse is due to happen soon, and ask if you want to watch it with her. If you choose not to watch it, you will go through the base Sun/Moon story, where Lusamine's obsession with Ultra Beasts runs wild until she gets absorbed by a Nihilego. If you agree to watch the eclipse, you will go through the Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon story, where the Ultra Recon Squad aims Lusamine at the threat posed by Necrozma.

Regardless of what happens with the Aether Foundation, the Pokémon League and what happens after you're Champion do not change. You will battle Hala, Olivia, Acerola, and Kahili as the Elite Four, and then face off with Kukui to say you deserve to be the Champion. Then Looker will enlist your assistance to investigate the aftermath of the Ultra Wormholes that Lusamine/Necrozma opened throughout Alola. Take your Sunne/Moone Pokémon with you, because those are little fissures that your legendary Pokémon can open up to deliver you to destinations in Ultra Space.

As you've probably guessed, what Cosmoem evolves into is decided by the Altar at Poni Canyon. Go through the Wormhole there, and you will find the other Altar, and an innocent Cosmog at the Lake that you don't have in your world. If you evolve Cosmog in that world, it will be the opposite legendary Pokémon to the one that Nebby evolved into. And if you haven't met the Ultra Recon Squad, when you go back to the Altar in the world where you found Cosmog, you will find an angry Necrozma guarding the Ultra Wormhole that will take you home.

Visit Antiques of the Ages once Nebby has evolved (and events are solved), and the shop owner will entrust Magearna to you. Head to Resolution Cave in Poni Meadow once you're Champion, and you will encounter Marshadow, who runs to the deepest cavern and can be cornered for a match. And head to Ten Carat Hill after you've tied things up with the Ultra Beasts to find an angry Zeraora itching for a fight.

Galar - Pokémon Darkest Day
Boxart: Eternamax Eternatus alighting, with Crowned Sword Zacian and Crowned Shield Zamazenta below and facing

Sonia will start being a Trainer again while she starts working as a Pokémon Professor, and because one of the best parts of being a Trainer is trading with other Trainers, she will happily trade Pokémon with you when asked.

During the Gym Challenge opening ceremony at Motostoke, there is a vote being held for certain Gym Leaders - namely, between Bea and Allister, and between Gordie and Melony. The results come out 151 to 150 - no points for guessing who the tiebreaker vote is. (In the lobby immediately after the ceremony, Hop will complain about one set of results if spoken to, and Bede will complain about the other.)
When Milo's Wooloo runs into you as you arrive in Turffield, he'll offer you a choice of apples by way of apology. If you pick a Tart Apple, Milo will be left with a Sweet Apple, and will have an Appletun during the Champion Cup. If you pick a Sweet Apple, Milo will be left with a Tart Apple, and will have a Flapple instead.
And finally, during the Darkest Day, you and Hop head through the Slumbering Weald and grab the Rusted Sword and Rusted Shield. Hop lets you grab one first. Whichever rusted item you get, the appropriate hero will be caught while chasing Sordward and Shielbert. And the other hero... can be received from Hop after defeating him in a Champion tournament, as he feels the two heroes should be together.

An Armor Pass is received from Chairman Rose in Hulbury after defeating Nessa; when you then go to Wedgehurst Station, you find Klara and Avery trying to deal with two stowaway Slowpoke. Approach one and offer your aid; the other one will be the underhanded student at the Master Dojo. Once you've trained Kubfu in one tower, learned to add Max Honey to Max Soup, and defeated Master Mustard and the other style of Urshifu, you will be able to train at the other Tower (and train without having a Kubfu, in case you just want to level your team against Dark-types or Water-types).

A Crown Pass arrives in the mail after you defeat Leon and become Champion. Calyrex remembers both his steeds - he would ride one or the other as the need arose. He'll grow carrots for whichever bully you think you can fare better against at first; once he is a rider again, he reckons he has enough strength to grow more carrots, which will lead to an encounter with the other bully. As for the Split-Decision Ruins, once you have Regieleki or Regidrago, Peonia will make some observations about the exterior of the temple and asks to borrow Regirock, Regice, and Registeel for a day. The next day, she'll have the other one, and offers it to you if you can defeat Peony's all-out team and make him shut up and let her enjoy the Dynamax Adventure already. (I wanna say the Dynamax Adventure is mostly Ultra Beasts rather than Legendary Pokémon, but I'm indecisive.)

And once you've beaten Master Mustard on the Isle of Armor and you've wrapped up all the Adventours on the Crown Tundra, a Zarude will appear on the Isle of Armor and lead you on a chase through the Forest of Focus.

Stadium - Pokémon Final Arena
Boxart: Pikachu front and center, with a Pikanium Z in its mouth, flanked by Espeon and Umbreon, Mega Lucario standing behind them, and a Dynamax Jigglypuff (with clouds) looming behind all

Would it be cocky to say a revisit to Pokétopia for the last battlefield game? Host battles at Lagoon Colosseum for unlocking the empowerments: Gurrkin is on vacation and will give you a Key Stone if you beat him, Molayne is hanging out and offers a Z-Power Ring if you beat him, and Professor Magnolia has retired and will offer a Dynamax Band if you beat her. And a fully-customizable Rental Pass for each region, featuring that region's greatest hitters, just so that people who want to battle but don't want to catch can enjoy themselves.
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