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Review The Terrifying Mirage Pokémon

Well, the Japanese voices are the only true voices of Pokémon if you listen to some people so I expect so.
The Japanese version doesn't have any voice cast changes, so we won't have anyone going "OMG old=good new=bad!!!"

Still, it's weird to watch this special in Japanese.
I mean, a dub that keeps the original music, a faithful script, and doesn't change the opening theme just because it's in a foreign language? UNTHINKABLE!!!!!

And yet, I can only think of this as an example where staying true to the original is not always a good thing. Personally, people might debate me on such, but I think it beats out the changing of the Destiny Deoxys theme music as Pokémon's best example of why dub edits are not always a bad thing.

(Please do not hurt me for bringing up memories of Lovely Boy! *ducks*)

The opening theme was horrid, even as far as English themes go (because even I'll admit it, some of the English openings are just plain godawful). Why couldn't they have changed it to something, anything else?
*Slashes Pie with foam Tiger claws*

Yeah, ANYTHING would have been better than that. Perhaps the Season 9 English Opening. It's alright.
Now that the special has been dubbed into Japanese, it's now tolerable to watch (with the exception of the opening theme song...it's annoying no matter how many times you listen to it). As for the plot, it was decent. Nothing else to say about it really. At least this version didn't give me a headache within the first minute.
Well, the Japanese voices are the only true voices of Pokémon if you listen to some people so I expect so.

"You better postulate yourself a new job!"
"Something stinks.." "Sorry, that was me!"
"Your only as strong as your friends" "You can say that again!"

It was the horrid US script that made people hate the Dubbed Yugioh Movie.

And it was the horrid voices and script that made people hate MM.
I just watched it, it was awesome. ^^

Even though I can understand little Japanese, I understood it all. XD

I've grown a liking to "Pokemon Go" now. Not the intro version >.< but the ending version. XDDD

I can't wait until it's subbed.
Am I the only person who LIKES Yume Miru Lovely Boy?!?! Such hater! XP [/off topic]

I, too, when watching the Japanese dub (when do you get a chance to hear/say that?!) just feel weird about it but at the same time feels "natural" too. o_O;

*shoots down "intro" song*
no your not the only one i like it too its a great song
(ducks as people throw things)
i havent seen this at all english or japanese (japanese i do not understand)
any chance if the japanese version getting subbed?
id rather read the subs than watch the original version of it
I liked Yume Miru Lovely Boy, it just didn't sound like a Pokemon song, so very... out of place. ^^;

Er, yeah- great special. ^^ Yung! <3

Mister Mirage. xDDDDD
I LOVE "Lovely Boy" ^_^. It's my second favorite Pokemon movie ending theme (first is Toi et Moi)
Just a reminder: This special will be up until Monday, October 30th. This weekend is your last chance to see the Japanese version of this special!!!
At least they didn't use DRM, so episode wouldn't vanish magically after that day.
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