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The Traveller Has Arrived!

Nov 28, 2023
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Hello, Bulbagarden! I’m The Traveller (or just “Traveller” if that makes more sense in context). I’m a longtime Bulbapedia user who first started really observing the forums when my big sister joined—y’all know her as Viridian Beedrill! After a few months of watching the forums and seeing how fun they could be, I thought I’d try joining myself.

My first Pokémon game was HeartGold (with Chikorita as my starter!), and I’ve been following the series ever since. I’ve read some of the Pokémon Adventures manga, watched the anime for many years (before it moved to Netflix), and dabbled in collecting TCG cards, but the overall the mainline games have been my primary interaction with the Pokémon franchise.

My name is sort of ironic because I don’t actually travel much in real life…but I have a lot of original characters I’ve come up with who are travelers in some form or fashion. I like to draw (usually pencil sketches of my OCs, though I’d like to get better at digital drawing and/or coloring), so I might be popping into the art threads at some point. I also have several story ideas connected to my OCs, but I’ve never really been able to hammer out details or write anything I’m happy with, so I’m hoping I can maybe pick up some pointers from the writers here.

And…that’s about it from me for now! Glad to be here!
Yo Traveller! And welcome! I’m glad to see you decided to hop in after Viridian did! She’s awesome, so I have no doubt in my mind you are too! :bulbaLove:

I used to love reading Pokespe (Adventures) I’m so behind on it… where did you leave off? I’m pumped to see you in the Art Gallery! Should you need any help there, DawningWinds and I are the people to grab!

Currently, what’s your favorite Pokemon?
I’ve read some of the Sun and Moon and Sword and Shield Pokespe arcs, and they were fine but I never really got into them. The Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum arc is definitely my favorite. I love the friendship between the three main characters and the more lighthearted tone the story frequently takes.

As for my current favorite Pokémon, I think I would have to say Tinkaton. I like its unusual type combo and love its signature move. I’m also just greatly amused by the general concept of a friendly, happy little pink thing that can clobber anyone or anything with a hammer twice its size. (Come to think of it, I’m also a big Kirby fan, so maybe I just like friendly yet absurdly powerful pink critters.) I have a Tinkaton on my Scarlet team and she has been a huge help with some challenging battles. She is my first and currently only Pokémon to have the Partner Mark.
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