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Review TW07: Sky

What a glorious finale! The battle at the end was spectacular, and the player character cameos at the end were a nice finishing touch!

Why does Leon seem more like a Champion here than the anime?
Because he hasn't appeared that much in the anime yet. Give it time.
All the cameos, that animation, that battle at the end!!! :love:

It was all so glorious. It's been a long ride, I'm a little sad to see it end but so much more happy to have been on this emotional roller-coaster with those kids.

Side note, I'm glad Tommy's cameo with Allister put to rest those creepypastas of him being dead. That would've put a downer on such a happy ending.
What a glorious finale! The battle at the end was spectacular, and the player character cameos at the end were a nice finishing touch!
Now that you mention it, that battle against Raihan was presumably the one you get a glimpse of at the beginning of SW/SH... how did I not notice such continuity reference! :eek:
As an MCU fan, I approve of that post-credit scene. And it seems goggles materializing out of nowhere is a pokétradition now (yes I know they're from the driver shhh), John crying is the cutest and saddest thing ever, I would've cried if I had emotions!
The rest of my thoughts straight from profile posts:

TW 07 is titled Sky
We should be expecting 5 minutes of charizard (in the sky) looking for lost Leon.
Or maybe something better I don't know

Piers, he funny (and rude)
Tom & John for SSBU

Corviknight taxi guy is the nicest person in all of fiction

The biggest sport event in the region might make a scene and the chairman doesn't care. Leon is lost and no one cares,and the latter makes more sense

Who made that flight scene? I just wanna talk hides gun.

Also that battle was pure epicness!
That post-credit scene.

Everyone: Leon is really strong
Piers: I'm in a Hurry.

Tommy was so happy seeing John there.

Rose be like: Don't worry, Leon is coming with a little surprise. He knew.
That battle animation was simply amazing.
Hop: Imma gonna watch in front of the telly, Leon didn't get me a ticket.

3 Dreepy shot out of Dragapult instead of 2. Leon is a hacker, confirmed.

I also wonder how many people are gonna be mad that Gloria isn't Scottish.

The true Protag of Twillight Wings was once again established to be Corviknight.
My god, that was amazing. The cameos of each character and gym leader, fleshing out Leon and making him seem far more like a down-to-earth guy, the conclusion of
John’s storyline, it all came together in a beautiful show.

I loved that little banter from Raihan. Really makes his friendship with Leon shine.

Allister kept in touch with his new buddy :bulbaLove:

The flying sequence was gorgeous.

And damn, the animation team outdid themselves in the battle. G-Max Zard looked gorgeous, the entire thing felt incredibly frenetic and intense, and I liked how they made Dynamax battles actually interesting (they actually engage instead of sitting there trading shots). Also, Goodra attention and showing how badass Dragapult can be.

And HOH boy, that post credits scene.
Honestly, I'm kinda speechless. All those cameos from all the gym leaders (even the ones that weren't featured in the previous episodes) and other side characters like Bede and Marnie, John finally meeting Leon, Leon being Leon, Tommy still hanging out with Allister, that absolutely amazing battle sequence featuring all sorts of Pokemon from both trainers, Dragapult shooting ghost babies heat-seeking missiles, Draco Meteor being portrayed as literal meteors falling from the sky, Dynamax/Gigantamax actually looking quite impressive and exciting, and to top it all off, we even got a small after-credits cameo from the two player characters. 10/10, this was an absolutely amazing finale to a charming little series.

Also, small detail, but I've always been getting Digimon vibes from this series ever since the very first episode, so seeing John putting on those goggles while riding the Corviknight is just the icing on the cake for me.
Kind of weird that Tommy wasn't with him in the final scene. Maybe he is dead after all? If he isn't then the whole plot is honestly a little bit weird. Especially with the crying scene at the end. The SM anime wasn't afraid of discussing death/grief so why should Twilight Wings?

I'm disappointed that Bede didn't get an episode. I guess this is like the cameo that Silver had in Legend of Thunders. At least he has it better than Wally who never got anything at all. :cry:

Seeing Gloria also made me sad since there is no female protagonist in the main anime and we haven't had a character based of the female protagonists since XY/Serena. I think all series should include the female protagonists since Satoshi/Ash does the gym quests while they do something similar (collecting ribbons/Keys etc.).
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