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US Gets the Season One DVD Boxed Set on November 21st


Jan 2, 2003
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Source (scroll down to the May 30th entry).

No word yet on disc count, episode count, the presence or absence of a Japanese track, or any of that good stuff.
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Great. All we need now is a boxset for the Johto Journies season, and then every single saga of the anime will have been put on collectors DVDS.
Hey, Im glad that we are getting season one on dvd. I thought the first season was the best one. I stopped watching around Johto and haven't seen an another episode since! Thanx for the news Dogasu.

This is lisenced to be sold on DVD by PUSA. Released on DVD by Viz and dubbed a decade ago by 4Kids.

...makes me wonder what took anyone so long to release what would easily be considered the most wanted set of DVDs in the series...

I really wish that PUSA taking charge meant that the rest of us would get Pokemon DVDs and merch but alas....
Does that mean two of the banned eps will be shown in their entirety? Specifically the heavily Acupulco ep not being watered down in DVD form, as well as the Dratini ep. The Porygon one can stay banned for the obvious reason.
This'll probably just be the edited TV versions of the season with or without "Beauty and the Beach" (my guess is without) and definately without "The Legend of Dratini" and "Electric Soldier Porygon."
I heard in Australia's Kanto boxset that "Tentacool and Tentracruel" was omitted.

I seriously hope that's not the case for the U.S. one, because aside from it being a very good episode itself, it was the ep where Misty captured Horsea, and it would be a shame to see that skipped.
Oh, wow!

They're FINALLY giving us a boxed set for the first season!

Yay!!!! :-D

*adds this to her list of Pokemon anime DVDs that she wants to buy* XD

Oh, and about "Beauty and the Beach", I really do hope they put it on there because I don't think it would make much sense if they don't include it. I mean, since it's a first season episode, and it's been dubbed, I think it deserves to be on there.

But, anyway though, in my opinion, I would love for that episode to be on there because it's the only one that I don't have on tape. And that was of course due to the fact that it only aired twice, and I didn't get to tape it either time......
PokemonTrainerLisa said:
Oh, and about "Beauty and the Beach", I really do hope they put it on there because I don't think it would make much sense if they don't include it. I mean, since it's a first season episode, and it's been dubbed, I think it deserves to be on there.

Eh...possibly. It could have been dubbed during the production of Season 1 and then delayed until Season 2, or it could just be a straight-up Season 2 episode. We really don't know.
I've said it few times before, but "Beauty and the Beach" should be considered as special, not regular ep, as haven't aired anywhere but on KidsWB. If they would add this to that boxset, it'd be included somewhere on the end as a "special feature". But i doubt it will be on it.

I wanna ask if in Poland we EVER geta ANY dvds like that...
The Dratini ep is definitely a lost cause. We know for a fact it was never dubbed and that Veronica Taylor wanted nothing to do with it. Unless PUSA have a lapse of insanity and go "I know, let's dub this ep and put it on a DVD full of 4Kids stuff!" it aint happening. Which is, in a way, a pity.
Heh, after 9-11 and every school shootout recently, the chance of the Dratini episode airing is even less then it was back then.

I hope we get some cool bonus features at least, like COMMENTARY!
FINALLY. I've been looking for a box set for the first series for something like a month or two, and only found two on ebay that was for a different region then my DVD player. DX
Figures. I already got the entire first season on DVD when Deep Discount DVD was selling all Pioneer DVDs on their site for $2.50 a few years ago. Unless they've added some significant special features (unedited, JP language track), I don't see a reason for me to pick it up.

As for commentary... I HIGHLY doubt it, unless something was recorded before the PUSA takeover. I would be nice though, but it's a dead dream now.
Ooh, first season was my favorite. I hope I remember to pick a boxed set up when November rolls around. As for a Japanese language track and those extra episodes...well, it'd be super, but there's probably a better chance of giant gummi bears falling from the sky. Not that I have anything against giant gummi bears, sour gummi worms would be cooler, but....oh, what the heck was I talking about. Um, oh yeah, 1st season DVDs.

The first season dub was a staple of my childhood anyhow, so I need to own this regardless of special features. I wonder if there'll be like, a French or Spanish language track though. Don't the movies have those? (I only rented them, so I don't rememebr.)
So Viz finally got their heads out of their posteriors and released a set...

WTF took so long? I mean, REALLY.

At least my Christmas shopping will be easier this year...

EDIT: Didn't Tentacool and Tentacruel get taken out of rotation shortly after 9/11? Also, if there's a season one set, I wouldn't doubt there are plans being made for Season Two and first Johto season, assuming Season 1 sells well (which it will).
Most likely the last half of Kanto will be released in a second boxset if this is not the entire region.

The Orange Islands have already been released on collectors DVDs, (12 episodes on 3 volumes), so they'll probably skip to Johto Journies after this is done.
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