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Thread Recommendations/Suggestions Q&A Thread


"Juliet"/"Julie" | pfp by KTG | Sig art by Okido
Apr 27, 2022
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  1. She/Her
Bored? Looking for threads on the site of a particular niche? Ask for some suggestions here.

Post in here and ask for recommendations for threads on the forums that best fit your set of criteria. Others can then link to you some that match. Or you can help someone else out and recommend them something.

Keep in mind this thread is solely to help people to discover threads that'd easily suit them. This is NOT meant to be a place to self advertise or bump threads you specifically like. As such, we have a couple rules in place:
  • Only post thread recommendations if you're responding to someone asking for suggestions.
  • Do not promote your own threads (This includes making sockpuppet accounts or asking somebody else to promote/nudge a question towards them).
  • Use your best conscience to recommend threads that best suit the user's needs, rather than what you personally want to see bumped.

Hopefully this place will be helpful for discovering a new favorite thread for you.
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