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What does the above Pokémon remind you of?

My life as a Pokémon fan would have been completely different by now had Masuda not made Wonder Guard a thing and a Bug-type Pokémon with 1 HP to justify its existence.

The ETHICS of its existence is something i cannot get past at all
the player willingly hands the fossils over to some scientist standing in the middle of nowhere to create a genetic monstrosity that never should have seen the light of day because of how much it suffers just by living (Arctovish can barely breathe or eat, Dracovish has half-baked traits of both land and aquatic creatures and as such doesn't function well as either, Dracozolt has serious issues hunting for prey, and Arctozolt is on the verge of freezing to death) because, once again, they were brought into this world by two fossils being haphazardly slapped together for the sake of both "yay, science!" and the player needing to fill their Dex.
It is BEYOND fucked up, and I think there's a debate to be had about whether or not the game exactly does a good job of conveying the moral corruption of bringing these creatures into a world they simply were not made for and could never possibly be comfortable in (said debate being what Arctovish reminds me of), but that aside...
I fucking love the Galar fossilmon. I feel bad saying it because once again, the reason behind it is tragic, but they're all just so goofy and fun and very creatively designed.
Sorry for the sandwich posting, I just wanted to get that off my chest.

Reminds me of experience points.
Back in ORAS, since you could scan in other players' Secret Bases with a QR code, people made and shared these bases built specifically for EXP grinding, where their team consisted of three Lv. 100 Blissey. I spent way too many hours in those and even now it's still all I can think of when I see Blissey lol.

Kirby. It's design, it's space theming and general energy gives me hardcore Kirby vibes, even more than like Jigglypuff

Oh, Ninetales Just the mysterious yet majestic aura around it. It gives off the same vague and striking energy as like most mythical to me. Damn, I love Ninetales

Its haughty reaction to getting hit in the Orre duology.


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