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What kind of trainer are you?

Do you use...

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Feb 16, 2018
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  1. He/Him
"Strong Pokémon. Weak Pokémon. That is only the selfish perception of people. Truly skilled trainers should try to win with their favorites." - Karen (Gen 2 and the Remakes)

There are those who like to only use strong Pokemon that can win battles easily, while there are those who don't care about how strong a Pokemon is since it's a Pokemon that they like. What kind of Pokemon Trainer are you?

As for me, I tend to find myself using Pokemon that I find really cool. I don't care too much about how strong a Pokemon is. Since Gen 7 is the point where HMs are no longer a thing, I found myself only catching six Pokemon and rolling with them. I do try to use Pokemon that I have not used before. I suppose it's because I no longer need to catch anything else.
A mix of both really, although I have unfortunately caught myself relying on Exp Share too much to raise the weaker ones while the strong get more battle time as I play through the game. Still feel like that is not a terrible thing story wise as some team members may be better fit for contests or playtime or utility story wise, not everyone in a well balanced team needs to be a powerhouse.
I do def use very strong mons but what's fun about Pokemon is that every mon, either strong or weak, have strength and weakness that you can adjust through the mons you get. Like sure, your ace can def carry sometimes but there can be situations in which your other partners can shine through with their own charatneriscs and traits.
I use a mix of both personally. I like strong pokemon, because it won't be as much of a hassle to defeat some opponents. I also like using pokemon I like the designs of because it looks cool. I guess strong pokemon are the pokemon I like the designs of anyway.
Perfectly balanced, as all things should be...

I don't listen to Karen, but running your favorite Pokemon ingame is usually harmless if you can back them up with some heat.
I like picking among my favorite Pokemon, but tend to use ones who are strong enough to get me through the game. Design is most important for me, but on a rare occasion they just don't do too well in the game and there's not much I can do about that.
Well I do sometimes tend to go by appearance, I can't help having cute mon. Unfortunately they have terrible stats. Although I like Espeon. She's quick, like a 303 on speed depending on the values. I go for defence over attack, using mon that can take hits (like quagsire) and can dish out a terrific earthquake. I put up light screen and reflect first using fast mon and my strategy is defend then attack.
Oh, protetct and TM15, my favourite moves.
ive always gravitated towards just using the ones i like, or ones that i havent used before =) and i try to focus on their individual strengths like type advantages/resistances, special vs physical attackers/defenders, etc...tho i will admit that due to my....-ahem- proclivities....this can sometimes veer into bug-only teams.......:hmm:
Kind of both, and yet neither. I play a Pokemon game multiple times, using specific different Pokemon with every playthrough. Most of the time, I will use those Pokemon, no matter how weak--Ditto, Delibird, Luvdisc--but there are a few I won't use due to the way I play. I'm an offensive battler, so Pyukumuku won't work for me, and I won't use Smeargle because getting it to learn anything is a pain in the ass. I also doubt I'll ever use Meltan or Melmetal because I don't play Pokemon GO.

I don't base my teams on what's strong or what's my favorite, but where in the Pokedex they are. That way, I never know which team I'm going to use until I start a new playthrough. It's fun, and I get to know and use all kinds of different Pokemon I wouldn't otherwise!
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