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Speculation What Pokemon Would You Like to See Get a Regional Variant?

Hear me out: Klink line, but instead of just gaining more gears, it slowly turns into a more complex clock. I’m not sure what type it would be other than Steel, though.

Also, I want to see Milcery get a form where it turns into different types of cheese instead of frosting. I know, I’m crazy.
I love both of these.
I love the Nido lines a ton. I want them to get some kind of regional variant someday. I have no ideas of my own to put forth but I'm sure there's some good ideas to be had.

Like right now off the top of my head they could make one line go fairy and the other dark (to defy expectations, dark/poison Nidoqueen and fairy/poison Nidoking). And since fairies can be evil, you don't even have to soften up Nidoking's image. Unseelie court Nidoking!

One I have thought of before variants were even a canon thing: Snowy HootHoot. I made a spite of one once. Never considered giving it a unique type but it would totally be ice/flying.

Alternatively, my other two favorite pokemon: Sneasel and Snubbull.
I’ve wanted an Ice/Fairy narwhal Wailmer line ever since regional variants became official.
Regional Shuppet that is a possessed substitute doll.

I guess it evolves into a Banette that’s an LGPE gym statue or maybe a stuffed Snorlax or Lapras like you could get for your room in Gen 2.
I'd love to see the following Pokemon get their own regional variants:

The Johto starters
Deerling and Sawsbuck
The Mareep line
The Snubbull line
Mesprit, Uxie, and Azelf
The Skitty line
The Misdreavus line

I haven't really come up with potential typings yet.
I feel like they need to focus more on Kanto for new forms. Being so iconic they should really monopolize on its success.

I'm thinking top contender is Meowth. Definitely needs more love, it really deserves a new form in whatever region comes next.

mans predicted hisuian growlithe like almost a year ago dang
I'm thinking top contender is Meowth. Definitely needs more love, it really deserves a new form in whatever region comes next.

I would argue that it would be cool to give Meowth a new regional form for every new region. That would one up with cats having a variety of breeds across the world.
Though I’m not sure if that’s how it would go over for the entire fan base.
Gen 1:
Personally unlike said above, I feel Kanto has gotten enough Regional variants at this point though I will agree Paras and Parasect at least deserve one (personally, they should've gotten it over Weezing in my opinion in Gen 8).

But even though I feel this way, I wish the Eevee evolutions will get some regional variants just so we can finally get all the types for Eevee (I'm still upset we didn't get a Dragon Eevee in Gen 6 when Sylveon was made) but nowadays Eevee's gimmick has been forgotten so GameFreak can make it a mascot so it's now unworthy of Evolution.

Gen 2:
Johto I feel like should get the bulk of new regional variants, since they're forgotten so much already.

Personally I want to see Noctowl and Furret variants, even if Snow Owl with Noctowl is the most obvious at the moment.

I also kinda want to see a Regional Variant Unown, just to see the crazy thing they would do. Would it be based on another alphabet? Or is there something even crazier they can do?

Yanma and Yanmega would be nice, again would be nice to be given the Dragon type we were expecting when we first saw Yanmega.

And maybe Houndour and Houndoom, just go with Alolan Variants of Vulpix/Ninetales and the new Hisiuan Variants of Growlithe (and Arcanine but that hasn't been confirmed yet).

Gen 3:
Skurskit and Masquerein

Skitty and Delcatty: Give the other cat Pokémon attention Meowth!!



Milotic: Thought this was made a Fairy type come Gen 6, but it wasn't. Hope it gets a neat dual type and maybe more prettier.

Gen 4 has also gotten left behind in the regional variant game even in their own 'prequel:'

Shinx Line: They literally got done so dirty in their own Gen, I really like this Pokémon line so I hope they can something.

Roserade: Considering the variant evolutions we've seen, I just want to see where this goes if they ever do it.

Buneary & Lopunny: I just want to see what they do with it since this line never got much use, even with their Mega Evolution in ORAS.

Gen 5:




Gen 6:





Can't really think of anything for Gens 7 and 8 though.
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