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what real-world inspirations do you think deserve official pokemon?

vacuum/roomba mon would def make a fun elec/ground type. makes me think of alternate Rotom transformations but i feel like it might be weird to do that so many years after D/P/Pt, so a standalone mon could work better
a haunted roomba would be good, but i feel like it should be a rotom form. In general, we need Rotom to haunt more appliances. gimme my haunted TV and clock already.

Edit: did not see that the comment before me already commented on it being like a rotom form. I don't agree that it'd be weird though; many mons get new forms years after they're introduced.
I would like to see a Pokémon based on the Triceratops more closely than Shieldon or Bastiodon. I'd like it to be similar to how Tyrunt and Tyrantrum are very similar to a Tyrannosaurus Rex.
we do have a roadrunner pokemon in Galarian Zapdos, but i certainly wouldn't mind another! pegasus would be awesome too
yeah!! i do actually have sketches of a pokemon based on a type of plankton in my art thread, and i think a plankton mon would be a really cool thing to see. it would be fun to have one based on phytoplankton and one based on zooplankton, maybe they could be version exclusives. that would work doubly well as a fossil pokemon i think :3
I'd reeeeeally like a blue dragon sea slug Pokemon. The Goodra line might be kind of based on it as a visual pun, but the actual shape of the creature is very cool.
Not only does it look cool, it eats man-o-wars and stores the stingers in its "fingers" for its own use. And its coloring is such that it hides from predators best by floating on the surface of the water upside-down...the bright blue is actually its stomach, which has an air pocket to make it float! I feel like the Pokedex entries would just write themselves for this thing...
i would enjoy a poison/fairy plague doctor a lot, i think that would be more interesting conceptually and design-wise. poison/ghost could also be fun if it were to incorporate like a flowing cloak though! maybe a split evolution, one a healer and the other a harbinger?

EDIT: alternatively, playing off your idea of it just playing with humans, it could be a pokemon toggling between those two "healer and harbinger" forms!
Broski, I drew it, not sure if I'm supposed to post it here but dammit I'm so excited about the design lol
plague doctor pokemon.png

I got two kinda Pokedex entries for this thing, although it's more in line with the Pokedex animated script
"Mimaska, the Pathogen Pokemon, a Ghost/Poison type, reaching a height of 3'5 feet. First sighted around the [REDACTED] region among less developed areas.
This form of Mimaska is known for causing many destructive plagues, often using it's arms and tendrils to infect others with it's deadly diseases. Even a single prick can cause one to waste away in only a few hours."
"Mimaska, the Pathogen Pokemon, a Ghost/Fairy type, reaching a height of 3 feet. First sighted around the [REDACTED] region among less developed areas, after plagues have arrived.
One thought to be a different Pokemon, this form of Mimaska is known to appear after deadly plagues, trying to heal those affected by disease. Some say it heals out of remorse of it's actions, hoping to be pardoned."

I also included a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde situation here, but it's aware of it, Mimaska turns into it's Pestilence form whenever it gets afflicted with Poison, when the Poison is gone, it turns back to normal.
oh this is awesome!!!!!! your coloring is very strong, and the fairy form is adorable :>

(i'll say i prefer to not be called any variant of bro but it's all good, no hard feelings!)
I always like to bring up that perhaps a regional variant of Lucario to represent Anubis would be really neat!

Also, would love to see a French bulldog Pokemon. And a cockatiel Pokemon. There are cockatiels who are yellow and have an orange cheek like Pikachu. I had a cockatiel that was grey but had a yellow face and orange cheek and he was named after Pikachu. lol

Also, me being the wind instrument nerd I am, I think it could turn out being very cheesy and not actually to my liking, but a Pokemon based off of the Serpent or Russian Bassoon sounds like a neat idea.
I want an opossum Pokemon so bad I can't stand it.

That's also the big one for me. Opossums are like my one favorite animal that's yet to be mon'd. They're just screaming to be given to be given the Pokemon treatment eventually.
i'm surprised there hasn't been some sort of vampire squid pokemon
The Malamar line miiiiight have some vampire squid in it? Since vampire squids are known for flipping their tentacles inside-out like an umbrella and the Malamar line has the whole turning upside-down thing. I'd totally be on board with a more explicit vampire squid Pokémon though.

On a similar note, I'd really like a clearly pangolin Pokemon. Sandslash is too mixed with a hedgehog to satisfy that craving for me, personally. I want a follow-up to Sandslash that does for a pangolin Pokémon what Espathra following Dodrio did for an ostrich Pokémon (I can see the ostrich in Dodrio, but at the same time it's always looked way more like a kiwibird to me).
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