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What was the first Pokemon (excluding starters) that you successfully caught

I think for me, it was either Pidgey or Rattata in Red/Blue. I don't remember. That was 26 years ago. I don't even remember the team I used to beat the league with.
FireRed, so probably a Rattata or Pidgey. Almost 19 years ago so I don't even remember my starter either (first memorable starter was Bubbles the Blastoise, but I'm sure I must've chosen Charmander originally)
If we go with the first in each of my first playthrouh,here it is.

Yellow:Was about 25-26 years ago, don't really remember but knowing me, it was probably Pidgey.
Firered:Rattata,this one I remember
Sapphire: Poocheyena
Diamond:Starly,still have him to this day. He is my wonderful Level 100 Staraptor
White: Patrat
White2: Pidove
Y:Fletching,still have him, level 100 Talonflame.
Sun: Pikipek,Still have him.
Ultra Moon:Yungoose
Let's go Pikachu: Pidgey
Sword:Rookidee,my level 100 pretty strong Corviknight
Brilliant Diamond:Budew,one of the star of my team against Cynthia
Legend Arceus:Bidoof
Blue: Pidgey
Yellow: Rattata
Gold: Pidgey
Silver: Sentret
Crystal: Hoothoot
OmegaRuby: Zigzagoon
BDSP: Kricketune
White: Pidove
Black: Patrat
X: Pidgey
Sun: Grubbin
Ultrasun: Zorua (Did a non capture run until the school)
Sword: Wooloo
Scarlet: Fletchling
Pidgey in Yellow many years ago, was my first Pokemon caught.

I don't remember it for any other individual games except Scarlet, where my first wild encounter was a shiny Tarountula. I hadn't even seen the normal form yet.
wow this is really going to the depths of my memory here!

my first game that i've owned was ruby... so i'm going to guess zigzagoon, maybe? i'm not completely sure, but i'm also sure i didn't wait too long to get a pokemon, and i wasn't the type of person even then to catch a wingull... so zigzagoon would be my answer, i think.
Rattata in either Pokemon Silver or Crystal. I think it was Pokemon Silver. It's hard to remember because I was probably anywhere from the age of 4-6.
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