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Anime What was the last anime you watched before posting in this thread?

I came across Chainsaw Man on today's released episodes. It had a quite interesting poster, so I watched the first four episodes all at once. I got caught up with it so badly. It has been quite a while since I was absorbed in an anime like that. I think the last time was either Tower of God or To Your Eternity when they were weekly releasing. Not to mention the animation is top quality.

I have once again broken my rule of not starting new anime until the season is over, all because I saw a clip of "DIY: Do It Yourself!" and decided I must watch this show and so I binged the five episodes out right now.

The tagline "making friends while making furniture" best describes the show as it's a super entertaining SoL show full of wholesome feels and loveable characters. While Chainsaw Man might be the most hype, DIY is definitely my hidden gem of this season. Just the OP alone is such a bop that it is unskippable to me. :bulbaLove:

Togainu no Chi episodes 1-3. Finally getting around to completing the anime adaptation in full, so this is somewhat of a rewatch. For some reason I thought it was around 20 or so episodes, but it's actually 12, so unfortunately that means majority of the story and routes are going to be butchered or non-existent. Well, I did like the anime adaptation of Dramatical Murder, so I'll still probably enjoy this one too (of course, DMM had the OVA with the bad endings animated, which helped it for me; not sure if this one has something similar).

Anyway, I never realized how sort of shoddy the animation is at first, especially when the characters talk or run, I swore I remember it being a bit better (though it was around 2010/11 when I saw a few episodes, so misremembering is probably going to be common here). Seeing Shiki towards the end of the first episode is cool though, he's my favorite character along with Akira x Shiki being my favorite pairing of the original game, so it sucks that my favorite route probably won't get much screen time if at all (seriously, I want to see his second bad ending animated). Regardless it's making me want to replay the VN again, maybe this weekend I'll get to it (along with the other Nitro+chiral VN's, especially leading up for the English release of Slow Damage this month, I played the JP version and it's so good).
In July, I watched Sasaki and Miyano with my mum. She's way more into yaoi than I am, but I still enjoyed it. It's cute, but it burns slower than water.

I'm hoping for a second season despite the odds of such a thing being pretty low.
In July, I watched Sasaki and Miyano with my mum. She's way more into yaoi than I am, but I still enjoyed it. It's cute, but it burns slower than water.

I'm hoping for a second season despite the odds of such a thing being pretty low.

While it doesn't have a second season, the series does have a movie and a new OVA due to come out in the future, so there's that!
Right now I am rewatching the Pokemon anime, I honestly can't remember when I stopped watching it growing up because I don't remember a lot of what I am watching now in the current episodes. I'm at the Johto region part of the anime and I think that I stopped watching around this time.
Just finished rewatching Tensura (That Time I was Reincarnated as a Slime) the other day. I don't really watch much anime anymore, but it was fun getting to kick back and enjoy some fun brain-off entertainment. So fun. Especially the fight scenes.
I've watched about 3 anime recently, and I can definitely say they're good (note: titles will have either Subbed/Dubbed titles, or just their titles. Also, I'll be using the OG Japanese names... if I can remember all of them.).

  1. Beyblade Burst Chozetsu/Turbo: This is definitely my favorite season of Beyblade Burst besides the first one and GT/Rise. Aiga's character development, the balance of comedy and storytelling, plus some of the later battles, like Aiga vs. Heartz, Phi vs. Free, Aiga vs. Shu, Aiga vs. Phi, Aiga Vs. Valt, ect.
  2. Digimon Ghost Game: The animation quality in the last 2 episodes has been much more impressive then some of the previous episodes (not that they aren't good), but the stakes are getting higher, and I feel like we're getting closer to one of three things in the next episode: The debut of Regulusmon, more info on Siriusmon after his appearance in Episodes 56 and 57, or the "one who sent us all here" mentioned by Kuzuhamon in Episode 56.
  3. Dragon Quest: Dai no Daibouken/The Adventure of Dai: This is definitely a Top 3 anime for me along with Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood and Digimon Tamers. The storytelling, the setups for later events even from Episode 1, and the music. My god, the music is PERFECT for this anime, and it definitely nails that Dragon Quest feeling, even with some of the names for the songs (Dragon Knight, Dark King Vearn, Protecting Friends, Dragonoid Dai, ect.). Dai is definitely one of the MVP's of anime, no doubt about it.
Well, thanks for coming to my TedTalk.
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Since I've been learning Swedish, I found the Swedish dub of Pokemon D&P.

I have also deduced that Ash is hopelessly irritating in pretty much every language.
Getting back into the anime watching habit with Yu-Gi-Oh SEVENS, Number24, AMAIM and a new show I've wanted to watch for a while but didn't quite get the chance to last year: 2.43: Seiin High School Boys Volleyball Team.
Do it Yourself; previously I made a kinda-sorta effort get back to watching anime by going through Bocchi the Rock. Which I enjoyed well-enough that it was a previous theme.
Magia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story (Season 2) I really love this anime, I also like the original and I can't wait for the new movie that is hopefully coming out this or next year.
Opening Narration: Once upon a time, there was a man who died. The last story he was working on was about a brave and handsome prince who vanquishes a crafty raven. But now, it seems their battle will go on for eternity.
“I’m sick and tired of this!” cried the raven. “I’m sick and tired of this!” cried the prince as well.
The raven escaped from the pages of the story, and the prince pursued the fell creature. In the end, the prince took out his own heart and sealed the raven away by using a forbidden power. Just then, a murmur came from somewhere - “This is great!” said the old man who was supposed to have died...

So yeah, finished binge watching the anime "Princess Tutu", the brain child of Ikuko Itoh - famous for her work on the Sailor Moon anime and while it might seem on the surface to be yet another Magical Girl anime, the fact that several key episodes were written by Chiaki J Konaka should tell you that there's a lot more going on than first glance.

I was a little wary at how well combining Ballet with the Magical Girl genre would work, but you can tell the passion for both ballet and fairy tales that oozes out of the production. For instance, the episode titles are double layered with the German being either a ballet, fairy tale or a piece of classical music that thematically corresponds to the episode, whereas the Japanese "translation" is often a more literal description of what happens in the episode so like the fifth episode is "On the Eve of the Fire Festival - Bilder einer Ausstellung: Die Katakomben" (Pictures at an Exhibition: The Catacombs). Similarly the OST is caked with classical music to the point where subtracting the OP and ED, I think there's only two or three non-classical tracks on a list of about forty songs which really gives the show a different feel then if they had just occasionally thrown in a few classical pieces which might have come across as pretentious.

People say that this show is a deconstruction of the Sailor Moon aesthetic, but I'm not sure I would agree with that as it's honestly only marginally a Magical Girl show, instead I'd say it's more accurate to call it a deconstruction of the idea of fairy tales, what given the characters becoming blatantly aware of the fact that they're in a story and them rebelling against the "roles" assigned to them by the author Drosselmeyer. Speaking of the man, his snarky Greek Chorus from outside the story reminded me of something like the Meta-Characters from Umineko and how they would have their own parallel plot to the characters on the game board. The "deconstruction" aspect comes in from stuff like how despite the protagonist Duck being a reference to the Ugly Duckling, the message of the anime is to be true to yourself and she ultimately gives up being Princess Tutu (the Swan Princess) and goes back to being Duck.

Something I have to bring up is how this anime really nailed the episode structure. At first it seems like a typical "enemy of the week" format where Tutu meets a person being afflicted by a shard of the Prince's heart that got stuck in their body and retrieves it for Mytho. But as things progress and you start to realize some incredible foreshadowing was sprinkled in for later events, which combined with the gradual character growth as the heroes interact with each other, makes you realize that not a single episode can be removed without drastically affecting the story. It's this kind of super tight script writing that makes me lament other shows like "Digimon: Ghost Game" that I'm also currently watching that has 60+ episodes and most of them are pointless filler.

So yeah, a criminally underrated anime that I would implore more people to check out, whether they care for the Magical Girl genre or not.
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