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Anime What was the last anime you watched before posting in this thread?

Hmm, the dubbed Wallace debut episode, Pokemon, naturally. ^^

And agreed with the above poster. That episode is /sad./
Lucky Star. I feel like I'm the only guy on the planet that likes this show... =/
Lucky Star. I feel like I'm the only guy on the planet that likes this show... =/

I've never watched it but I would probably like it if I did. (Hence why I haven't watched it :O)

Anyways, I just finished off the last few eps of Chobits then proceeded to start Suzuka, which so far looks very good.
Lol the last anime i watched was Naruto i'm a big fan and cannot moss an episode.. The forest of death again! yay.....

Anyways Naruto it rules.!

Singed Blaze
"Those Who Hunt Elves" and the first two episodes of "Sailor Moon".

Haha, I watched the first 13 eps of Those Who Hunt Elves years ago and loved it!

The last things I watched were:
Movie - Pokemon Movie 1 Subbed
Episodes - Special A 21 and 22
and then before that I watched Miyazaki's Future Boy Conan series for the first time in a couple of years, and the Initial D Stage 2 series.

So besides keeping up with Special A, I'm really in an oldschool mood currently.
Pokemon Diamond And Pearl: Battle Dimension

The one where dawn and Ash traded buizel and aipom and the spiritomb episode.
Soul Eater 22-23. Best bits:

- Stein and Spirit finally taking Medusa on for real.
- Asura's wavelength causing Free and Eruka to hallucinate having their faces eaten off. No, really.
- Asura breaking out ever so slowly and horribly.
Zero no Tsukaima season 1. I liked it a lot! So much so I preordered the boxset...

Season 2 looks ok too, but 3's looking waaaaaaay to harem and strange for me.
Neon Genesis Evangelion episode 6. I always watch an episode of anime on school mornings. Nice way to start the day.
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