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What was your last "wiki walk"?


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Jun 9, 2012
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"Wiki walk" is a term for those times you may casually browse a wiki then perform a deep dive on any tangential topic it has links to and you just get lost in there for a while.

So, when was the last time you did this, and what were you searching about?

For me it was yesterday, checking around on beekeeping and how the concept of the queen bee works.
Ah yes, I do go through many of those, haha. You’d be surprised at the places I’ve went, and at the kinds of things that I’ve learned from them!

That said, my last walk was last night at none other than everyone’s favorite life-ruining wiki-walk inducer, TVTropes. It was a relatively brief one focused on anime hair color tropes, which then led me to the Fiery Redhead trope page with a certain very famous example of one as the cover image. That then led me to a flurry of Shinji x Asuka-focused Evangelion fics, which then led me to the Emotionless Girl trope page and related articles once Rei started entering the picture. I likely would’ve gone further for some inspiration about certain story ideas that I’ve been working on that kind of crossed into that territory, before life ultimately called me elsewhere.
TV Tropes is a big one for me. Although sometimes, the regular wikipedia is also a source of rabbit holes to explore. Here's the discovery I've had thanks to the latter : do you know what Samuel Lee Jackson and the Penguin King in the Super Mario Bros. movie (the one who asks Bowser "do you yield ?") have in common ? They have the same french voice actor :lapras:
I have been reading up on One Piece final saga stuff a few days ago. Trying to catch up with the main points of the storyline.
I was on TV Tropes just yesterday, refreshing on time travel fiction/fateful time loop savviness, just when you think you understand it from one series another comes up and you are bamboozled again
Yesterday, checked Wikipedia, Tvtropes, imdb and more for info on some old movies
This might sound weird but it was an article someone sent me about how the unconscious mind works. That page sent me down quite a rabbit hole because I've always been interested in psychology and I enjoy learning about how our minds work!
San Diego and every embedded link which led to Japanese war crimes, to Japan itself, to ultimately Naengmyeon.
If just one specific topic then literally everything on Wikipedia about Guatemala
Bounced around Transformers Wiki, starting from the Jurassic Park x Transformers pages. This took me on a path across, Fire Blast Effects, Curly Straws and the Precursor World fiction before I yet again got sucked into the continuity and continuity crossover pages. (I always wind up in those sections of the wiki. Continuities interacting with each other is like the black hole of wiki walks.) I ended on the NASA page, where I learned that NASA uses the Transformers branding for a program promoting the use of technology originally made for space travel for everyday usage on Earth. (Sadly, it seems that the program has been on hiatus since 2020...)

Also, I went on a tangent from Transformers Wiki to Wikipedia on otaku culture. So now I know what Ita-bags are.
I do them on Bulbapedia fairly often. One minute I'm looking up the badge fights in SV to see which fight is closest to my current level, and 30 later I have 5 different tabs up for random mons and am currently looking at pages for Conquest warlords.
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