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What was your last "wiki walk"?

Blood plasma > Blood fractionation > Autoimmunity > Subacute sclerosing panencephalitis > Myoclonus > Progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy > Efalizumab
I did a Doctor Who one on Wikipedia a while back, following the release of the Doctor Who x Magic the Gathering Commander decks. Did you know that K9 actually got his own show?

More recently, I was on TF wiki's classic "Ruined FOREVER" page and found a link to an archived equivalent page on Wookiepedia. (It's not on the live wiki anymore.) Cue Wookiepedia browsing, and then Wikipedia browsing about Wookiepedia.
i looked up rafflesias i think, two days ago was it? to research the differences between subspecies. don't even ask me why, because i have no idea why i was curious about this either :V
it ended up with me researching animals that had gone extinct within the past few years and why, so something of an enlightening if not depressing read. spoiler alert: a lot of the responsibility falls back on us humans
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