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What will you Name your Character in Scarlet and Violet


It's my Showdown username, which I think is also just a cool name. I never reuse the same name twice in Pokemon games to make my playthroughs feel more memorable.
Went with Tobias. It’s the Greek spelling of the Hebrew name that means “God is good”.

Speaking of Tobias, though, did you know there’s a Pokéclone on the GBC based off the Animorphs franchise?
I'm tempted to honest to god name my trainer [REDACTED] if they allow non-letters in trainer names.
...This did not come to pass. I decided that because I can't make a trainer that looks like me or an existing OC, I'd just make new OCs.

For Scarlet, there's Caden (stemming from caduceus, a symbol of Hermes.) Naturally, he likes serpentine Pokemon... and birds.
For my Violet encore (which I'll do... sooner or later,) I'm likely going with Emili. (I actually had this character idea in my head for a while.) It stems from Euphorbia Milii (often shortened to E. Milii), the scientific name for the crown of thorns plant. The plant has imposing-looking spikes... but it's only mildly poisonous to humans, causing some irritation at worst. Basically, a tryhard who, even if she has a badass team, can't really be taken too seriously.
Charly. I always do with my first ever playthrough of a new a Pokémon game. And it doesn't matter if I pick a boy or girl. The next playthroughs I try to come up with more creative names around that first one, like Charly Boo for my Ghost only team... And so on. Yes, that one is not that creative, but you get the point.
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