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What will you Name your Character in Scarlet and Violet

I always use my own name. It's shortened, because, back in Generation III (my first games), my name was just slightly too long.
If I go with a boy, I'll use my name Sean. But if I get tempted to use the girl again, I'm going to see if I'll be able to call her Violet because, come on they can't ban the game's name over a French curse word, right? Though, I'm going to buy Scarlet. You know, maybe I'll buy a Double Pack this time where I'm Sean in Scarlet and Violet in Violet?
You know what? Buying an extra game to test the language filter really isn't worth it. I'll just take a Pokémon to the Name Rater to see if the Violet name works.
Probably after my favorite OC again, Mika/Ushio (she has two versions) My SwSh trainer actually looks a lot like her.
I've been always using English names in the previous gens, so I decided to pick Spanish name to be in theme with the region.

Currently considering between Dolores, Alba and Marisol.
I am picking boy as my character and naming him Junta. Named after an anime character that is part Spanish.
So now that I’m pretty much settled on Violet, I was curious so I looked up names related to Purple and there are some pretty neat options.

Porfirio - Spanish name based on purple, used by saints and dictators

Roxa - Brazilian Portuguese for purple, ironically if I wanted to do a Kingdom Hearts reference with Roxas that’s actually a Filipino surname that means red! So kinda pulling double duty with Scarlet; also if I went with Roxas that would lock me into choosing Quaxly

Tyrian - not sure if I actually want to use this because I feel people would just think I’m a Game of Thrones fan. Neat option though.

Cardinal - briefly considered Scarlet and was going to use this name to reference the Hoops&Hiphop fakemon region. Not a fan of all of his content but that was really cool.
Zafie. I've used it on almost every Pokémon game that I've played
I'm tempted to honest to god name my trainer [REDACTED] if they allow non-letters in trainer names.
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I think that I'll use a famous Spanish name: Don Quixote or Zorro, but I'm more interested in Don Quixote.
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