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What's GROWING on? A look at Bulbapedia's newest additions from July 2023

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Pokémon Grassy Gardening Collection File
The Bulbapedia encyclopedia is always growing here at Bulbagarden! Every single day, hundreds of edits are made around the clock by enthusiasts all over the world! Let's take a look at some of our editors' biggest contributions that readers may have missed. Join us as we explore some of Bulbapedia's newest additions from July 2023!

You Deserve A Good Rest!
Wake up, a new mobile game dropped! Pokémon Sleep is finally here, and Storm Aurora and Anzasquiddles are here to teach you all about it! Pokémon Sleep is the newest mobile game, developed by SELECT BUTTON inc., and you progress in the game by sleeping! How easy! You'll want to take note of your team's sleep type while you try for that coveted score of 100 points tonight! Don't sleep on our newest pages, unless, of course, you're trying to earn some achievements!

Pop Quiz! Mastering Pokémon Form Terminology
The terminology around Pokémon forms can be confusing and complex, but have no fear! Resident Pokémon terminology expert Daniel Carrero has whipped up some articles just for you! This time, we explore the history and usage of terms relating to regional forms and Primal Reversion. Study up, Trainers!

ELEMENT-ary, My Dear Trainer!
Resident game expert, Team Rocket Grunt, made a massive overhaul to the type expert page, and we'll be the first to admit to being Type: WILD for the changes! Be sure to check out this beautiful new revision of a 15 year old page!

Deep Dive into Pokémon's Mystery Dungeons
After joining our wiki less than 2 months ago, Teganrose1 has made almost 200 additions to the items you can find in the dungeons you encounter in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX. Bulbapedia is always on the lookout for fresh new editors, so you are an expert in anything Pokémon related, join in on the fun and find your find your passion, just like Teganrose1!

Vendredi Used Nasty Plot! Their Sp. Attack Sharply Rose!
Tegenrose1 isn't the only fresh face that appeared this month! Vendredi has only been a part of the team for three weeks, but they've added over a dozen plot summaries for The Seventh Chapter: Diamond and Pearl of the Pokémon Adventures manga. Recount Adventures 352 through 364, courtesy of Vendredi!

Raichu Umekawa, Nanapple, Kucheat Takeuchi, and Yopifoot
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One of our newest projects, Project Mass Media, has experienced excellent content creation this month, courtesy of Anzasquiddles! Now you can tune into our coverage of the Pokémon Card Channel and learn all about the wild daily antics of our four hosts Raichu Umekawa, Nanapple, Kucheat Takeuchi, and Yopifoot! Play a match, enjoy some card reveals, or just stay for the chaos that is the Nagashi Somen Pokeca Battle!

Tears Into Triumph!
Did you know that Sobble’s tears have the potency of 100 onions? In this episode of Beyond the Pokédex, Spruce and Maple will teach you all about Pokédex entry 816 – the Water Lizard Pokémon: Sobble!
In case you missed it, a new video series starting Professor Spruce and Maple has begun! On the official English Youtube channel, you can now see the new Beyond the Pokédex series starring André Stone and Kelsi Umeko! Whether you're a casual fan of Pokémon or a die-hard expert, you won't want to miss our coverage of Beyond the Pokédex courtesy of all-star Anzasquiddles!

A Side Game Summer to Remember!
It's a Side Game Summer here on Bulbapedia: let's check in on the various new additions to Project Side Games!
Great work Trainers! Let's keep the summer rolling with more great additions!

Special thanks to Landfish7 for helping write parts of this article.

Thank you for joining us while we celebrate these newest additions to the Bulbapedia encyclopedia from the month of July 2023. All of our content is written by our valuable volunteers, so if you are interested in joining in on the fun, check out this handy page on getting started. We are always welcoming new editors!

Come back next month while we reflect on the 2023 World Championships as well as the newest contributions we have for the month of August!
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