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What's GROWING on? A look at Bulbapedia's newest additions from June 2023

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The Bulbapedia encyclopedia is always growing here at Bulbagarden! Every single day, hundreds of edits are made around the clock by enthusiasts all over the world! Let's take a look at some of our editors' biggest contributions that readers may have missed. Join us as we explore the edits from June 2023 that brought about Bulbapedia's biggest milestone to date!

The TCG Enters a New Era
Work has begun on overview pages for the different Series of the Trading Card Game! Check out the thorough Scarlet & Violet article written by frequent TCG editor 4iamking, and look forward to more to come! This is a new series of articles that we are excited about here at Bulbapedia, so if you have any ideas or feedback, please go ahead and let us know on the talk page!

New TCG articles bring Bulbapedia to 50K!

Introducing the article that pushed us beyond 50,000 pages: Primeape (151 57), from the Scarlet & Violet—151 expansion! Bulbapedia's newest milestone was brought to you by superstar anzasquiddles! Here's to 50,000 more!

Drawing a Winning Hand!
"Making Pokémon cards more familiar by focusing on illustrations!" --Pokémon card art life
TCG editor PokéTimNL has been hard at work improving the the ARTicles for the TCG illustrators! Every new card expansion brings several new artists into the Pokémon franchise, so if you like art as much as PokéTimNL, come join the team! While you are here, check out our new pages for illustration rare and special illustration rare cards! These special illustrations have been fan favorites, and are frequently featured on the Pokémon card art life Instagram account. There's a lot to love about TCG artwork in the Scarlet & Violet Series!

A Chance to Dance the Night Away
Chances are you haven't heard the new Ending Theme for the Japanese Official Card Game YouTube Channel (the official music video being region locked to Japan certainly doesn't help!), but staff member Chao has you covered! Read along with our lyric translations and enjoy Chan-Dan, by Rhythmic Toy World!

Honey, I’m Biome!
It's been a busy month for Storm Aurora as she helped bring new understanding to the complex spawn mechanics of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet with an article about the games’ biomes. Learn about how and where different kinds of Pokémon spawn in these games, and take a look at some helpful maps and in-game screenshots uploaded to the Bulbagarden Archives by Minibug and Storm Aurora, respectively.

Pokémon Masters EX Ventures Into New Territory
Our content for Pokémon Masters EX is expanding! Side Game contributor Storm Aurora has been taking the encyclopedia by storm cough with fresh updates to pages expedition event and Villain Arc, and the expanded content on Pokémon Masters Day. Become a Pokémon Master by checking out these articles today!

Blast from the Past: Exploring Nintendo's Historic Trade Show

Dedicated editor Minibug has taken a step into Pokémon’s live event history by writing an article about the Nintendo Space World trade show that ran in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Learn about the several fascinating game demos and other showcases of then-upcoming Pokémon games of the past in this incredible new article! Thanks Minibug!

Did you know Sega has published Pokémon games? Pokémon franchise expert PikaPikachu2004 has created a brand new article about the Sega Corporation. Read up about Sega’s contributions to video game history and the Pokémon series. You may be surprised what you learn!

Side quest! Expanding the World of Poké-Record Breakers!
Hikaru Wazana and Landfish7 have helped breathe new life to a page about Guinness World Records holder, Lisa Courtney, by expanding it into an article exploring the various Guinness World Records awarded to the Pokémon franchise and its fans. Check out this budding article as it continues to develop, and learn more about this interesting aspect of the franchise and its fandom!

Late Bloomer: Unearthing the lost Pokémon Garden!
In June, we introduced some challenging sidequests in our community discord, and all-around editor Boblers has taken on the challenge! With help from Did You Know Gaming, Boblers jumped right in to create the article for this newly unearthed Japanese-exclusive Flash game titled Pokémon Garden. The article explores the games’ features and provides a look into the history of this game, once thought to be lost media after its closure in 2009. Great work, Boblers! Be sure to take a look at DYKG's excellent video!

Special thanks to Landfish7 for helping publish this article.

We appreciate you for joining us while we celebrate these newest additions to the Bulbapedia encyclopedia from the month of June 2023. All of our content is written by our valuable volunteers, so if you are interested in joining in on the fun, check out this handy page on getting started and join our community discord. We are always welcoming new editors!

Come back next month while we reflect on any and all new contributions we have for the month of July!
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Maverick Nate

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