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What's your Favorite Pokemon that can Gigantamax/Dynamax?

Again, almost all Pokemon available in Sword/Shield with the exception of the legendary trio can do it, so it is pretty much close to asking for our favorite Gen1-8 Pokemon overall.

Out of the Gigantamax forms though, I particularly liked Copperajah's design
Lapras: Simple but fun, makes it look very majestic and the ship shell is great.
Melmetal: I really like its cyclops appearance that makes it look ancient and futuristic at the same time, its chrome lighting looks great.
Centiskorch: "What if Dragon Ball's road to heaven was a road to hell instead and was a Pokemon" is one of the coolest ideas ever.
Toxtricity: Fuses its both forms in a fantastic way and the way it smashes its guitar is very pleasing.
Toxicity has a really cool gigantamax form with a fantastic signature move, both with effects and animation. While it doesn't count, eternamax eternatus still deserves more love
Meowth, Eevee, and Appletun/Flapple are my top favorites for how cute they all look. Especially Eevee getting extra fluffy and Meowth becoming longcat.

Lapras, Duraludon, Venusaur, Cinderace, Copperajah, Hatterene, Alcremie, and Butterfree are a few other favorites that are also pretty nice/cool, too.
Venusaur, as it is a lot more creative than Mega Venusaur. I also like Garbodor, since it is so hilarious, and Butterfree, as it is so pretty.
Gigantamax Toxtricity is one of my favorite designs of all time. It's so over the top, I love it^^.

However, if we are talking about the design BEFORE they Gigantamax, then it's Appletun.
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