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Has your favorite Pokemon changed a lot over time?


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Feb 3, 2023
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Share if, how, and/or why your favorite Pokemon changed! I'll go first because for a while mine was Mega Rayquaza, but changed to Skitty which is pretty much the exact opposite of that lol. :yay:
hmm... when i was younger, i think my favorite was lucario? back then i wasn't interested in lore or anything very much, i just liked mon that i thought looked cool because my favorite thing was just collecting the different species. ever since i got REALLY into pokemon around the start of 2023, absol has been my favorite, and it has not changed since and may well not.
my second favorite is sylveon, and i don't think that'll change either. my third place tends to change, like, weekly though. usually it's torchic, togekiss, or purugly.
Not too much, It was Torterra until I started getting heavily back into the series a year or two ago, when it switched to Empoleon because I think it's much cooler. I still love Torterra a lot though, it's hard to pick between them sometimes.
I'd say yea, my top favorite Pokemon changes a lot. It's changed from Skitty, to Rowlet, to Mimikyu, to Rowlet again, and now it's Aegislash. I guess I kinda grew out of liking cutesy pokemon to more edgy pokemon in a way?
Lol, I kinda did that but backwards! I used to love the "cool" looking Pokemon, (still do) but sometime over the past three years I was just like "heehee funny pink cat" :confused:
Started with Vulpix, then Growlithe/Arcanine for several years, Braixen after Gen 6, and I've circled back to the Vulpix line again with Ninetales. So no, not really.

My secondary favorites, on the other hand, shift consistently. A lot of the time, Espeon is my second favorite. But it's kind of in contention with Meowscarada, who I think is the best anthropomorphic Pokemon design of them all. Also, Dragonair has been a huge favorite of mine for years, but Dewgong is kind of starting to take its place.
Cubone had been my favorite Pokemon from Gen I up to Gen VIII when Galarian Rapidash came along. So, my favorite Pokemon has only changed once in 24 years. lol

I've been watching Pokemon for 24 years too and I really like Galarian Rapidash as well ;)

Share if, how, and/or why your favorite Pokemon changed! I'll go first because for a while mine was Mega Rayquaza, but changed to Skitty which is pretty much the exact opposite of that lol. :yay:

Gardevoir has been my favorite ever since I laid eyes on it but these days it tends to be tied with whichever Pokemon I'm 'crushing on' in a particular week. Atm it's tied with Eeevee, Alolan Raichu, and Galarian Rapidash.
Otherwise my top favorites have stayed consistent along the years with the exception of Floatzel and Espeon. I find the latter to be a bit too cliche and I'm not sure why I no longer care about the former.
it has, actually! i don't remember every favourite pokémon i've had, but i know that once i loved dragonite a lot. nowadays i don't really care much about dragonite. for a while it was just lurantis, then i fell in love with gallade and they were kind of tied for favourite, and then i played explorers of sky with a shinx partner this year and fell in love with shinx, so now shinx is pretty solidly my favourite (though lurantis is still a very close second, and gallade a solid third).
Nope. I'm super set in my ways when it comes to this kind of thing. My favorite color has been green for as long as I can remember, and Joltik will probably be my favorite Pokemon forever. Think of it this way: any pretender to the throne would have to overcome several years of positive Joltik memories. Newer Pokemon are just going to have to settle for second best, or perhaps being the favorite on a per generation basis.
As a kid I was pretty much obsessed with "girly" Pokemon (think Gardevoir, Sylveon, Primarina, Diancie, etc. Definitely arose from me pretty clearly wanting to "make up" for having stereotypically masculine hobbies by being overly girly. wonder how that turned out /s) and my current two faves (Krookodile and Talonflame) aren't like that at all nyo matter which way you look at them... Though I do still have a fondness for my old faves. (I'd still say Primarina is my fav starter and fav gen 7 mon, and Sylveon is still my fav Eeveelution.)
It changes constantly.

My first one was Poochyena / Mightyena, the flrst time I encountered it was vs a Team Aqua grunt in Sapphire and I my desire to obtain one and train it was immense.

Then it was Shedinja, I adore his gimmick, both its evolution method and his unique ability.

After that it was Miraidon. The colors of that Pokémon left me speechless.

Now it's Chimecho but for personal gameplay reasons. I made a variant of a Nuzlocke called Percentagelocke and Chimecho was the one Pokémon I used to defeat Steven. So I have found a newly found admiration for Chimecho ^^
When I became a Poké die-hard in Gen IV, my favorites were Gallade and Staraptor, but these days I'm like "Staraptor who?" and I don't even remember why I liked Gallade. In Gen V it changed to Darmanitan just because he was ridiculously strong and cool. In Gen VI it changed to Lucario, and that's how it's been ever since.
at first, it was bulbasaur for a long time.... and then shaymin/skymin sort of grew on me a few years back which caused bulbasaur to be #2 favourite 'mon. which is fine, because i love it just as much as i did before, but shaymin has it beat juuuuust a tiny bit more. ❤
When I first got interested the series, it was by default Pikachu lol

Then I actually looked into and played BW then my fav became Tepig

By gen 6 I would've told you Greninja. Smash was probably a big factor towards this.

Then like 5 or so years ago I started to really appreciate Meowstic and they've remained my top fav even today

Pikachu and Tepig I don't think are even in my top 50 now lol. Greninja is still top 10 at least.
The first favorite Pokémon I ever had was Eevee. Almost 18 years later, that still holds true and it's never changed even once, so the answer is no. xP

However, my second favorite has swapped around quite a lot just due to my tastes shifting with time. The progression has sorta gone like this:

Gen 3: Pikachu/Skitty/Mew
Gen 4: Umbreon
Gen 5: Zekrom -> Mewtwo -> Kyurem -> Zangoose -> Absol
Gen 6: Espurr -> Sylveon -> Mightyena -> Pichu -> Espeon -> Scizor
Gen 7+: Cradily

I randomly decided to try out Cradily on a team one day while playing with competitive sets, immediately adored it and it's stayed that way ever since. :bulbaLove:
It's still not a steadfast choice, though — I have to admit that Bramblin has been encroaching on that second place crown at an alarming pace...
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