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How often do y'all talk to your online friends?

I haven't talked with them in a while, but I met this one bloke on Wattpad when we were both preteens and we've been friends since then. Usually we commiserate over our respective school administrators being totally incompetent or we blather about franchises we love.

okay so this topic reminded me to check my messages and good grief my notifications must've been turned off, I feel bad now.
All the time! Though, I suppose it depends on what you mean by "talk."

I'm in an obscene number of Discord servers, though I'm only active in a couple. The two I'm most active in are one that was started during the pandemic by a friend that I originally met here, and another that is entirely made up of people I originally met here. We don't really have Discord calls, persay, in the latter, though we have frequent game nights & even a pair of D&D campaigns among people in the former.

Then there's also the Bulbagarden staff server where we'll have the occasional voice call, sometimes for business, sometimes for fun.

Interestingly enough, my core group of IRL friends are now technically online friends - we all moved back home after college (graduated at the same time), though since then, most of us have now moved out & as such we most often hang out on Discord, I'd say a good 4 times out of the week on average, doing various things - sometimes watching sports, sometimes gaming, sometimes playing D&D.

One on one...I don't really talk to a lot of my online friends one on one, since I don't really have a reason...to? I mean, occasionally I'll chat with one of my online friends about something specific, either something they mentioned in another server, or about something I thought they would like/reminded me of them, or whatnot. But this isn't out of the realm of normalcy; I'm not a huge texter IRL either, so I'd say I chat with online friends 1x1 about as often as I chat with IRL friends 1x1. To be honest, most of the time when I talk 1x1 with an online friend it's whenever @Maniacal Engineer wants to show me something cool he did in PLA or Breath of the Wild. :p
So my close online friends that I knew since I was in middle school? Well at least for two of them, pretty much daily but only because they moved to where I am right now. So I guess now they are considered my real life friends now.

Aside from that and meeting a few of my online friends in real life a few times, I do make an effort to at least have 1-1 conversations daily now. Other than that, it would be in group Discord servers.
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