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Mafia Pokemon Generation Spin-Off Mafia [ENDGAME]


Ongo Gablogian, the art collector
Mar 1, 2015
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Hello everyone! And welcome to my latest game:
Pokemon Generation Spin-Off Mafia!
Now I know the title isn't too great, but I wanted to keep the generation tag as that is what some of my games using the HP mechanic (more on this later) have been called for simplicities sake. There's not really any flavour or backstory to this one really, it's just another mafia game where I can use the rules from my previous generation games. Now it's been a long time since I hosted this variant (for lack of a better term) of mafia, people have come and gone, people might have forgotten what it's about, people might be thinking, "What is Calvin waffling about HP mechanics for??"... But rest assured all is explained in the spoilers below, and as always and forever, feel free to ask anything you don't know, things I may not have explained properly, etc etc. I won't take offense to anything asked as I know it can be a bit confusing sometimes.

What separates this game from a normal mafia game is that it uses the aforementioned HP mechanic, a type-effectiveness system, as well as not having typical lynches. Instead, for lynches, we will be using a system where votes subtract HP from their target. For example, if one person voted for Calvin, but two people voted for Calvin-Bot, then Calvin would take 1HP damage, and Calvin-Bot would take 2HP damage. (Not taking into voting modifiers, should they exist.) I will not speak for night kills and whether they exist or not. In this game, most players will have a night action that typically, is a move but could be something else. Not everyone is guaranteed a night action. When you use this action, usually to attack someone, you will deal the damage specified in the role PM. This attack, unlike voting, takes into account the type chart of Pokemon. If you use a 2HP attack and it is not very effective, you will deal 1HP damage, but if it's super effective you'll double your damage, doing 4HP damage! The type effectiveness is only 0.5x and 2x (and no effect). So no 4x effectiveness with moves. 0.5x effectiveness is rounded down in most situations, except for if the damage is reduced to <1, in which case it will always be 1HP at least. A NVE 3HP move will deal 1HP damage, a 1HP NVE move will deal 1HP also.

A quick warning before we go into the rules, there are no guarantees that any moves or abilities do the same that they do in the main series games, or the spin-off games. Also, abilities and moves should not be taken as gospel to indicate that any other role exists. (Random example, you have Levitate, this should not necessarily be taken as an indication that a ground type exists.)

Previous Generation Games

1. All BMGf and TWR rules apply.​
2. The game still uses a HP system, and an effectiveness system. There will be 17 types, so everything before Fairy Type is included. Unless stated otherwise, your HP starts at 10. For easier hosting, STAB does not exist.​
3. Outside contact is NOT allowed. You may become a spectator after you die if you so wish.​
4. The game follows a 24 hour night, and 48 hour day cycle.​
5. Do not loophole abuse, if you aren't sure on something PM me before you post anything elsewhere.​
6. You may not discuss win-cons. You may or may not have more than one win-con.​
7. No screenshots of Role PMs, not even fakes. This also means no direct copy and pasting, or quoting.​
8. Votes should be done in the following format Vote: Name, otherwise, your vote may be missed. Please make sure your votes are Bolded
9. The only claim I will allow is Role-Claims, fake or true. Name and Type claiming are disallowed. This includes naming your moves and the type of said moves.​
10. You may post after death, however your post must not contain any game impacting information. You are dead.​
11. Should you not be sure about something, be sure to ask, it doesn't hurt and it means you wont get in trouble, it also allows me to know where any issues may lie!​
12. MyLo and LyLo situations will not be announced.​
13. Probably the most important rule that I want everyone to follow is have fun!​

Here are a couple of roles from past games that you can look at, so you get an idea of what a role PM looks like!
Dear DawningWinds,


You are Bronzor, the Bronze Pokemon!

You are a Steel / Psychic type introduced in Generation IV. Your evolution is Bronzong, and you have a 33% chance to evolve into Bronzong every night.

Your moves are as follows:
Extrasensory: Name
Extrasensory is a psychic type move that will damage your target for 1HP.

You also have the ability of Heatproof, meaning you lose your fire type weakness.

You are sided with the Town, you win when all threats to the town are eliminated.
Bronzor was a basic role in Gen IV, but is an example of what some of you guys may have.
Dear Lone_Garurumon




You are Deoxys! The DNA Pokemon!

You are a Psychic Pokemon, originating from a meteor from outer space. You are extremely hostile to your enviroment. Your actions are the following:

1x Speed Form: Player Name
This will make you role block the player name by distracting them by speeding past them.

1x Defence Form: Player Name
This will make you become the bodyguard of your target. This means any ability or role actions will fail on them. However, this also means you will take the damage from any pokemon moves that have targeted them.

1x Attack Form: Name
This will deal 4HP damage in the form of a Psychic attack to your target, taking type effectiveness into account.

Last of all, you share a night kill with your team.

You are sided with the Deoxys' Forces (MAFIA), You win when the town is destroyed.

You have 15HP
This is LG's mafia role, Deoxys from Gen III.
Dear Patrycjator,


You are Giratina, The Renegade Pokemon!

You are a Ghost / Dragon type mythical pokemon, introduced in Generation IV.

Your moves are as follows:
1x Shadow Force: Name
Shadow Force is a Ghost-type move that will deal 3HP damage to your target.
AncientPower: Name
AncientPower is a Rock-type move that will deal 1HP damage to your target.

Your job in the game is to leave the distortion world each night and guess who will take the most damage in the next day phase. If you get it wrong you will deal 1HP damage to yourself, however, if you get it correct TWICE, you will win the game. (The game will continue but you will be taken out and be given the joint victory.)

However, due to staying in the distortion world so often, cop checks (If any / applicable) will fail on you

You are sided with yourself. You win when you fill the aforementioned criteria, and this is the only way to win.
And this last one is to show what an independent looked like. Now obviously it's fairly likely that none of these will come back, it's just an example role PM so don't look too much into it, I just want to show you guys what you'd be looking at generally!

For this game I'll be looking for 9 players.
1. @coordinator lissi
2. @JamieIsBored
3. @beryllium
4. @Potato-2.0
5. @DawningWinds
6. @Midorikawa
7. @StormyStinger
8. @ExLight
9. @helperman

And that should be everything! It's very possible I missed something as copy and paste wasn't working on my browser, but again feel free to ask anything at all!
I'll be using this page when it comes to defining a spin-off game. (Colosseum, XD: Gale of Darkness, the Stadium Games, and Pokemon Battle Revolution may or may not exist in this game too, though not listed on this page.)​
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Could I join? I've never played a mafia game before but I'll try my best.
By all means! Welcome! And as Ex said, new players are always appreciated, and as Jamie said, feel free to ask anything. I will point out this game differs slightly from traditional lynching / killing mechanics. But it's easy enough to understand. :)
Added the following into the OP for clarification:

The type effectiveness is only 0.5x and 2x (and no effect). So no 4x effectiveness with moves. 0.5x effectiveness is rounded down in most situations, except for if the damage is reduced to <1, in which case it will always be 1HP at least. A NVE 3HP move will deal 1HP damage, a 1HP NVE move will deal 1HP also.
MyLo and LyLo situations will not be announced. (Saw this get brought up in Jamie's game and I didn't even consider it)
This filled up much quicker than I anticipated, even with it being just 9p. So thanks for that! Role PMs will be sent out over the course of the day in a random order. You may confirm whenever you'd like from now :)
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