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X defeated Y with Z

Drapion struck with poison jab.
I have a saved post for when somebody brings out a fire type...
Ok, here it is...
Hackazam doesn't need moves to attack.
Using amazing power, Hackazam immediately obliterated all of it's surroundings. It flew away from the moon and shattered it completely with a focus blast. The Cleffas clung to their shards of rock as Hackazam turned into a Lycanroc and dove to Earth in a Splintered Stormshards. Just before hitting the ocean, Hackazam turned into a Wailord, splashing water everywhere. A nearby Typhlosion was splashed, and was too distracted to notice the meteor shower that pinned it to the ground.
And that, my friends, is how Cleffas and Moon Stones were brought to this world.
And rightfully so. It has been almost a year since Hackazam had already retired from their antics as by now the populace considers their schtick passé, so why are reruns of their show still getting syndicated? It's especially jarring since what's being broadcast is the final season before cancellation, where a transformation gimmick was added due to executive meddling, and this new addition to the formula was not only negatively received by longtime fans and newcomers alike, but it happened to be one of the nails to Hackazam's former YouTube career; the moon episode in particular was considered in poor taste by the Lunarian population because it released just two days after the explosion, and they didn't want to be reminded of how many casualties were caused by the explosion. But then, Silvally's bewildered mind unearthed a firm, yet cynical conclusion. Television, especially services provided by cable, is on its way to extinction, so perhaps the executives see no other way to refurbish a fading platform and thus try to cling on what's left; denying the inevitable by only just a few years. Silvally grumbled as they picked up the sushi they ordered and casually walked off, stepping on the Hackazam plush eviscerated by their Shadow Claw technique in the process.

Their Type: Null siblings haven't done anything productive in their lives: one of them spends their days compiling low-quality clips from Family Guy episodes and uploading them onto video-sharing platforms in an attempt to get likes, the other constantly gets unconscious every day due to either heroin abuse or choking on whatever chocolate bar they just stole and the last of them is obsessed with politics and constantly goes into arguments on forums and blogs towards anyone they feel are 'incorrect', only to be perma-banned every time because they just have no filter in the kinds of messages they put in. They all depended on the sole breadwinner of the household, Silvally, and thus they held no power against them despite outnumbering their unmasked sibling times three.

After delivering them the sushi that the siblings had ordered. Silvally sighed as they watched their pathetic siblings strugge to feed themselves through their masks. The heroin addicted one already passed out, and thus fell directly into their platter, whereas the other two were attempting to slide the sushi through their eyehole; thereby getting their eyes irritated from having rice and fish stuck. The Silvally sighed as they turned back on the increasingly rambunctious kitchen; the constant influx of shattering and expletives painting no ambiguity to the current well-being of their siblings. Packing their Nintendo Switch, they were out to leave to find fun somewhere else, until they were jumped by a harmless, but nonetheless startling Shadow Sneak attack...

It was their pet Ralts. It too was in total disapproval over how sad and pathetic the rest of the chimeric family was. Those masked idiots couldn't even cook champurado, its favorite meal, correctly. Feelin' empathy for their tiny, little pet, the Silvally stroked its hair with glee. And as beer bottles, fires, and swearing continued to be the dominant population on the ramshackle household, the Silvally and their little Ralts quickly jumped to the van and drove off, cleansing their minds off of the bullshit by listening to music by Vocaloid artist Pinocchio-P. It was at this day that Silvally eventually broke off from their relationship with their Type: Null family, and they thus never spoke or even beheld one-another ever again.
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Decided to try a game similar to my Type Advantage Game but with a twist, rather than a Pokemon winning by type advantage, the move used is involved

For example

Charizard defeated Clefable with Steel Wing

The next person to post must defeat Charizard but take into account it knows Steel Wing
Ralts knows shadow sneak
Anyway Blaziken uses a Critical Hit Blaze Kick.
FYI, Hackazam is training in it’s personal pocket dimension.
Indeed, Hackazam vigilantly honed their skills in a pocket dimension made by their might. This was the plot for a 40-episode filler arc that simply served as padding for Hackazam's final showdown against the final villain of their unsuccessful show. The manga adaptation, once it matched up to the serialized show in terms of pacing, simply went ahead to the ultimate showdown. Widely panned by nearly everyone and everything, the slapdash nature of the unpopular 'dimension' episodes were made apparent by how the episodes during this arc follow an almost strict formula: a mysterious invader infiltrates and takes over Hackazam's pocket dimension either to assassinate Hackazam or to kidnap them for their own purposes for about four episodes before getting killed off with a new transformation, with no lasting change to the formula whatsoever. And the villains exclusive to this low-budget arc became increasingly ludicrous: Waluigi, Marine Houshou of Hololive fame, Dante from the DmC reboot, a Ludodactylus, Sheep Man, a living broom, Karl Pilkington, a llama, a talking enchilada, and then Waluigi with a beard. And somehow, the hint didn't get to Blaziken's bird brain, who manages to remain such a devoted fan even during the unpopular final season: Hackazam's Adventures 4: The Reckoning Boogaloo and the Return of their Gigantic Hernia. In fact, they're the only reason Hackazam's merchandise still sells today; as bargain bins full of DVDs for this show have been emptied out, and they managed to collect every plush of Hackazam's transformations. Yes, all of them.

Blaziken's hoarding tendencies extended beyond their fanaticism towards the Hackazam franchise, they've also committed an unhealthy obsession with scalping off amiibo and selling them off eBay for a price higher than they bought them. They've emptied entire swaths of game stores and toy stores in their country, and even as said facilities instigated rules in which people aren't able to collect multiple amiibos of the same figure; they just enlist young Pokemon through cruel blackmailing to have them buy the amiibo for them. The looting of these figurines has enraged many a customer, and this growing number of citizens who failed to purchase even as something as cheap as a Mario amiibo coalesced to the point that it outnumbered the local police force. This raging mob of amiibo-less citizens stormed the once-peaceful suburban, gunning for loot to plunder and a chicken to behead...

One morning, Blaziken woke up to the pleasant sounds of their Alexa somehow breaking apart and a chanting mob of angry commoners. After gazing into a window; which resulted in a multitude of bullet-firing, stone-tossing, and other forms of projectile offense, Blaziken hugged their dakimakura as they searched their abode for shelter. As more and more protestors broke through the doors and windows, they had no choice but to retreat to their basement, which happens to be where the amiibos are all huddled in.

...The mob eventually broke their way into the chicken's cave, only to find the Blaziken on the concrete floor; wide-eyed and yet completely unresponsive. Jutting in their mouth is a breakfast burrito; unchewed. and yet its eggy contents spilled across the face of an unconscious anthropomorphic bird. It appears that the pressure of the entire situation had compelled them to attempt to swallow their daily meal in one gulp; which thus lead to such an anti-climactic defeat for what should've been a dangerous foe. The crowd thus ceased hesitation, eagerly stomping over the body of Blaziken and gleefully stripping them of both their dignity and all the amiibo they stole. One of these disgruntled citizens; a Tangela, spitefully smacked the bird into the wall with a Confusion amidst the victorious raid. After all traces of their amiibo collection had dissipated, the aforementioned Tangela remained. Fueled by anger over being bullied by Blaziken back in college, the Tangela blew up the entire house with a bomb; incinerating the rest of Blaziken's belongings, and causing the abode to collapse into the floor; burying the crazed chicken in debris.
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I’m pretty sure Hackazam is completely private and mysterious.. nothing public whatsoever...
And hackazam has altered reality to make the TV show no longer exist.
And then a random pidgey used peck.
Groudon used Earthquake!
Somehow, it dealt barely any damage to the Boltund. Groudon used more and more Earthquakes, completely destroying anything nearby because you know, earthquakes are quite strong natural disasters.
Blissey used Bestow to give Groudon some shiny red rock it found on the ground.
Groudon reverted to Primal Groudon!
Primal Groudon used Fire Punch!
Now you mega evolve and use a move
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