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X defeated Y with Z

After getting laid off of their office job, Kommo-o struggled trying to find jobs due to their physiology; which is ultimately adapted for a bestial environment. See, the clamorous, scaly coating that adorns their body sheds more easily than what their sturdiness may imply. Kommo-o tend to shed out these thick, heavy scales when heavily distressed or feeling personally threatened, and because this particular dragon has been through both losing the custody of their Jangmo-o children from a messy divorce and a caffeine addiction, they have practically become a living occupational safety hazard no matter how diligent they try to be. From dozens of injured people from tripping onto these chunky flakes of armor, to the echoing sonority of these scales causing not just ruptured eardrums but also disturbing unfortunate infant Pokemon; they just couldn't keep up due to the forces of natural evolution interfering with basic social life, and as a result, they eventually found another drink that they ingest into their once wild-bloodstream: Spirytus Stawski.

A beacon of hope shined upon Kommo-o's smartphone, however. Dragapult, their neighbor and one of the few people who talks to Kommo-o on social media, has recommended to them a certain company: Geckolectural Megaleptics. This idiosyncratic firm was founded by a fellow Kommo-o; one who was not only able to move on from a depressing life but was also able to diminish their own natural instincts of shedding natural armory by both a medically-secure prescription drugs and therapy. Having around five hundred satisfied Dragon-type customers, this quasi-grooming quasi-therapeutic firm ensures that any Dragon types who suffer from both a shattered self-esteem and thus have to endure dangerous instincts stemming from said insecurities, and even now, there's currently more slots for patients that are open as ever! And the best part? It's just a turn and a mile away from our protagonist Kommo-o's abode! Brimming with hope, our beleagured Kommo-o electronically signed their forms, and, after a week's worth of anticipation, happily leaves out of their bottle-riddled house. They are fully prepared to shed the vestiges of their horrible midlife crisis, and start freshly anew!

Finally, they park just near the modest office of untold promises. The glass windows of this white-painted building shine glaringly; a luster that Kommo-o themself interprets as a sign of change. Beset with a newfound energy and enthusiasm, they happily skip their way over to a new life...


...in the grimy sewers, that is. The very same Dragapult, who was minding their own business playing Puyo Puyo Chronicle on the 3DS, turned around without facing or even noticing the fellow pseudo-legendary Pokemon behind them; unintentionally whipping the scaly dinosaur face-first with a Dragon Tail. The Dragapult didn't even feel the impact due to the ectoplasmic material that construes its tail, so they were completely unaware that they had just snatched any possibility of salvation for their neighbor by their clumsiness. Smacked with enough force that they were dazed out of comprehension, the Kommo-o was sent hurdling, scattering scales all over the road and damaging every car around them; until they fell straight into a manhole that seals off the moment they got in. Imprisoned in total darkness, the hapless dragon continued to uncontrollably spill scales all over the waters as they are dragged around by unknown creatures dwelling within the mucous, odorous waters, and they can only struggle in fear. Whilst imprisoned in a cold, echoing chamber of the sewers, a voice calls out to them.
"First time, huh. Well, here's my advice: smell the gunk that this place just reeks off, let your mind and logic dissipate away with the sea of chemicals... and enjoy your hallucinations while they last, friend. I had a dream where I was able to not only recover from my injuries, but I was able to summon the element of the fae and deliver unto these beasts of the sea my justice. But alas..."
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Although they never reached the level of success that fellow 'Drake'-bodied Dracovish enjoyed: what with not only becoming a superstar of fighting competitions through an indomitable bite but also received accolades aplenty for being the author of the award-winning psychological-horror novel Dysemetary; Dracozolt still manages to enjoy success in their own way. Having repurposed and renovated a decommissioned aerial battleship that laid bare in a swamp; they founded a diner specializing in all sorts of esoteric cuisine. From balut made from the eggs of Togepi, a bacon and peanut butter sandwich, bourbon with the body of a Seviper in its contents... Dracozolt's Dinery attracts the bravest of consumers, and has endured dozens of animal-rights protests, dodged health inspectors, and manages to remain a highly successful eatery. Rumor has it that there's plans of building multiple locations for this dinery; which is a testament to the amount of attention that this business has attracted.

And as recent as about an hour ago, there's a new product that is selling like hotcakes: Stuffed Lurantis Leaves!
  1. Take around a set of four Lurantis arms (that has been 'humanely plucked and not sliced cleanly off by some Aerial Ace attack or anything', as restaurant owner Dracozolt comments) and douse them onto fresh, mineral water.
  2. Make the filling by braising the meat of a Charizard in a mixture of habushu and cherry cola for 30 minutes, blend it with a fine tossing of chopped manchineel leaves and diced manchineel fruit, drizzle in bacon grease, and add a pinch of crushed Scolipede scales.
  3. Cut of the arm-stems of the doused Lurantis blades
  4. And then wrap the arms with each filling in a left-and-right procedure until they form a burrito-like shape
Side effects of consuming any product of Dracozolt's Dinery include: projectile vomiting, nausea, an incessant desire to hoard currency, enthusiastic dishwashing, missing mortgage, everything tasting like chicken, bladder failure, liver failure, paralysis from the jaw down, the absence of pain sensations, bowel disruptions, constant fears about Japanese daikaiju, jittering by the fingers and toes, an inability to stay completely still, detachment from reality, nonexistent motivation, the feeling that this entire post was ripped off of something, relying on manatees to tell jokes, thinking about why you dropped out of either high school or college, min-maxing stats in any roleplaying game, alienation from friends and family alike, and hiccupping.
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It was never shown to attack that specific Lurantis...
Who do I attack?
Glaceon used Ice Beam....
Lucario never smiled again. Even before the sensation of free will and touch had forcibly been stripped away from it without death's cold touch by the foul predation of an incoming car, it never bared its odorous canine molars at anyone's face ever again because of all the hatred. Not since their brutal breakup with Kantonian Raichu over spicy wings. Not since all the drunk dials and Twitter tantrums. Not since losing their diplomas and knighthood over scandals erupting from the aforementioned Twitter arguments over politics. And no one smiled back at Lucario again, either. Everyone and their mother knew of how horridly bigoted they were, setting fires to flags and charities alike to accentuate their religious 'agenda'. Everyone knew better than to kowtow to their fundamentalist beliefs; especially since they once blew up an entire building for playing rock music. Either that, or something about a crazed Alakazam out of the asylum claiming to have rewritten the past so that a certain show doesn't exist anymore supposedly means that all Psychic types are Satanists.

There was no one that beheld in their vulnerable state... which is a pitifully sympathetic term for 'sprawled over a concrete floor where the main population is stampeding vehicles'. The only assistance around was... the Galarian Corsola that drove the truck. Said Corsola stared at the catatonic-looking two-legged creature before them, pondering. Corsola did want to bring retribution against Lucario for getting them banned because they like Stunfisk, but not in such a scenario that would probably land them a new residence in jail. Especially when they're this late to a live performance that was just a few blocks away They don't wanna miss out on witnessing their favorite idol: Koume Shirasaka! So... what did they do?

Well, use the move Dig and bury the loathsome pooch in a nearby vacant lot. Their stubby limbs mustered their barren potential in ridding the evidence. The only downside is that the foot was blatantly sticking out. But apparently that doesn't stick out when the rest of your surroundings are rotted, mutated carrots. Well, they somehow arrived at the stage early; getting an immaculate seat, even. And thus, what became of Lucario was beyond the populace's realization. And that's for the better; the last thing Lucario heard was the slapdash banjo performance of the Dunsparce that bumped into its saliva-dripping countenance. And then Lucario stopped thinking....


...on the other hand, that was arguably a blessing in its own right; some ragamuffin Ralts thought canine toes were edible enough for soup.
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Zeraora's drunken behavior and various misdemeanors has left the furry with such an astonishing criminal record that it became a wanted criminal. Because it never properly could stimulate static electricity within itself, it took to either doping itself with battery acid or just flat out robbing entire cities of their power in a desperate attempt to be a relevant Mythical Pokemon; even if it doesn't even have any other justification to be one other than being a humanoid furry Pokemon destined to have the kinds of fandoms that Lucario has. What's even more pathetic than that, though? It managed to cover up those crimes because it has lawyers and connections with a mafia of furries. Nothing could've stopped it even when it should receive death penalty.

All that went to change one Sunday morning in Pokestar Studios. Wanting to perform a prank on someone before it has to take a role in the upcoming Beastars movie; it decided to perform an over-the-top 'plea' to a stupid, young Arrokuda. It claimed that it was actually a bald alien named LynX who is forced into a brainwashing fursuit just to perform starring roles in anthropomorphic animal movies. This went too effective, as after the Arrokuda left, vowing to 'save' Zeraora whilst bawling its eyes out; Zeraora only had like, a few minutes to laugh at its stupid prank before something bonked it to unconsciousness.

It then woke up, strapped into a rocket through thick ropes, glue, and chains. The Arrokuda had managed to not only find a rocket station and commission the company behind said facility for a rocket; but it had took the time to rip out the supposed 'brainwashing fursuit' with a clumsy Drill Run. Said Drill Run had indeed ripped out all of the fur that Zeraora uses to conduct electricity; thus leaving Zeraora with no way to bodily use electricity at all. That, and with the stupor of being hit to unconsciousness leaving it unable to focus enough to use moves or even speak and tell the truth; it had no way of preventing its fate of being shot away to space. To everyone else's rapturous cheer.

Trapped in a rocket just blasting away to parts unknown, reduced to an immobile state due to the sheer force of the restraints, and with none else to go but nothingness, Zeraora's life and regrets flashed periodically as it slowly watched the Earth shrink away from view...

And eventually, Zeraora stopped thinking.
gonna be a little creative here

^ was doing a Pokemon HeartGold nuzlocke, and one day ^ was training his Typhlosion, Flames, up. Then, ^ encountered a Lv. 52 Quagsire. It was scary enough, considering Flames was at a type disadvantage. Flames managed to outspeed the wild Quagsire, hitting a Flamethrower that did barely any damage. Then, the Quagsire used Earthquake, and Flames was dead.

couldn't think of a creative nickname so I stuck with Flames
^ is doing a Pokemon Ruby Nuzlocke and is going through Victory Road. On the way, ^ encounters a Graveler. ^ sends out Gex the Sceptile. Gex used Leaf Blade on it, which would OHKO the Graveler, but the Graveler had Sturdy. It also knew Flamethrower, which would be the end for Gex. Unfortunately for ^, the Graveler did use Flamethrower, and Gex was killed.

gex was the first one i thought of, i'm sorry
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