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Preview XY048: Citron's Campus of Memories! An Electrifying Reunion!!

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Oct 30, 2010
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XY048: Clemont's Campus of Memories! An Electrifying Reunion!!
Airs: October 23.

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Young Clemont LOOKS SOOOOOOOOOOO FUNNY and VERY CUTE. He looks REALLY Adorable. I think if anyone's a Clemont Fan I think they will LOVE what Clemont looks like. I Wonder if Clemont will get the Shinx?
I for one always love Shinx. I been wondering if Shinx is in the Safari Zone in OR/AS? I hope Clemont brought it or its evolve form in Luxio with him.
Little Clemont looks so cute and funny!! He looks a girl too. We may see his mom and baby Bonnie. He could also be a mama's boy like in my headcannons. He sort of reminds me of little Flint from the Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs movie. I'm hooked up with this little darling. He's at a scchool, Korrina probably went to that school too, close to Shalour City. I wouldn't be surprised if we saw little Korrina and Riolu in the background in the flashbacks, maybe swinging, or playing on the slide, or just playing in the grass or playing with a little ball or toy on the blacktop, or eating. Why does little Clemont's skin look so pale and delicate? I'm guessing Clemont's slightly tanned skin isn't his natural color. I'm guessing he spent a whole lot of time in the sun to get the color skin he has now, maybe exposing skin while hanging in the sun or he visited a tanning salon.
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Wow, Clemont looks extremely cute as for what I can see! *_*
As a Clemont fan I believe this is going to be a very interesting episode, exploring a character like him makes little chance for an episode not being good. It may also serve as a warm-up for the Gym Battle that's going to take place after Ramos...

Also, as of this episode, Tracey is the only main character who hasn't got any scene with him as a child (I can't remember if Max got one nor we don't know if Bonnie will be here, though).
As if October couldn't get any better than it already is, we get an episode focusing on Clemont featuring SHINX <3 OMG I'm so excited for this episode! Some possible development and further backstory for Clemont and just omg SHINX! Please oh PLEASE let Clemont capture a Shinx!
I can see this being a "You took care of me, so I'll pay you back someday" kind of episode, that Shinx can be a Luxio or Luxray when they meet up again, and it's probably Clemont's influence of becoming an Electric-type gym leader, apart from inventions. This Luxio/Luxray will probably save Clemont or the whole gang from...TR?(just don't make them appear out of nowhere pl0x) Or maybe even a landslide or something.
Could this episode explain why Clemont chose to be an Electric-type Gym Leader? And will the Shinx show up unevolved or as one of its evolved forms?

Interesting episode.
Wow I never expect Clemmont has a suprising twist about having a Shinx.
A backstory episode, awesome. I wish they'd do more of those.
Possible Mega Luxray? Nah. There's just no Kalos Electric types to choose from, except Dedenne and Heliolisk, which Clemont already has. I still think Luxio is a bit... random regardless of that but it's still really cool.
Possible Mega Luxray? Nah. There's just no Kalos Electric types to choose from, except Dedenne and Heliolisk, which Clemont already has. I still think Luxio is a bit... random regardless of that but it's still really cool.

I Agree with this COMPLETELY. It does feel a bit Random but I think this is Good for Clemont because I think we need to Break a Trend that has happened for SOOOOOOOO MANY Years. Being that the 2nd Male Companion having more then 3 Pokemon. Moving on, I Like Clemont possibly getting this Luxio. I think it would be a REALLY GOOD Addition to the Team :). Who could be a set up for Mega Luxray LOL.
Although this means bad news for Pikachu haters...

But a 5th Gym Finale of Pikachu vs Luxio/Luxray looks certain. (My own prediction though)

But I think the battle actually won't disappoint anyone! And Luxio/Luxray being the Final Boss of the Gym actually hype it up better than the random Heliolisk that didn't get much screen time. And its possible it and Pikachu develope a rivalry.

And this episode will be cool, we get to know Clemont's past. And moreover, A SHINX LINE IN MAIN CAST! Oh the dream....
I figure Pikachuu will lose the gym battle if only to give Citron the win a an electric-type user, but Satoshi will win the war and take home the badge.
Admittedly Harimaron and Horubee have been getting a bit stale for me (former barely battles, latter barely emotes) so I'm glad Citron is getting a new capture which I hope will be a mix of personality and battles. Having a backstory looks promising.

I'm almost hoping his flashback with this Pokémon is what triggered his love of Electric-type Pokémon but we'll have to see what plays out.
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