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Review XY101: Dance, Eievui! Its TryPokaron Debut!!

I gotta say that this theme performance is a huge improvement from Serena's second one. However, the theme being Pokepuffs a second time makes me wonder, why didn’t they use this for the second performance and think of a new one for this? This is a far better Pokepuff making contest.

Nene's performance round is meh. No comments as its boring.

Jessie's on the other hand is perfect. This is one hard earned praise from them as I am quite sick of them and their action at the moment. It was well thought out, and lets not mention this time I feel that the Pokemon had more focus than the other times. Well done and well played by Jessie.

Eevee's debut is surprisingly perfect. Like the jumping and dancing around fire is top notch. I think if not that fall of Eevee Serena stood a chance of winning. But hey, it ended in the best way possible.

I was worrying that if Serena lost because of Eevee, and it didn't spawn a long arc about Eevee and her confidence, I will be sad. But this! Eevee's confidence is not shattered and Serena didn't get her win too early. Jessie for once did well in her performance and finally got her key.

First good episode since a while, 10/10.
I am also happy that Musashi won. I often think that these Pokémon Showcases are similar to the Pokémon Contests from Hoenn and Sinnoh and I wanted Musashi to win at least once like in Sinnoh but not Hoenn. I hope this means that she will also get two other Princess Keys like her five ribbons in Sinnoh.

Bow down to the next Kalos Queen!
Sweet Arceus on a scooter... :eek:

And here I thought Jessie would be a total buttmonkey the entire time like in AG.

Heck, I though Nini would win the key if Serena didn't, but low and behold I get a pleasant surprise! :D

Now the question is if this means she'll get 2 more to go to the Master Class tournament o_O
It's nice that Jessie won a key this time, lets hope that she gets two more in time for the master class.

I honestly don't like Nini's makeup, it's kind of ugly.

Chespin was funny during the cooking round, he wants every single Pokepuff he sees and Clemont had to hold him down until he told him something like that if he's quiet and still, he'll get one. Then Chespin sat on Clemont's lap nicely to fight the urge of running off to get a Pokepuff. XD

Eevee looks so cute in that dress she was wearing! Pancham dancing around as Serena cooks is also cute.
Nene's meant to be ugly. She's supposed to be a joke right from the start. They are pulling the manga Jynx joke into the anime on a human, and that human is Nene. It's the same joke.

Yay for Jessie. I always thought her personality is great for becoming Kalos Queen.
Well, Serena was bound to lose at some point. Not everyone goes on a constant winning streak. Jessie winning is fine by me. This was a good episode.
I had a feeling Serena would lose, but I'm glad the loss didn't crush her's or Eevee's confidence. I'm really happy Jessie won here and she did look great with her Pokemon! I still love the bond she shares with Gourgeist. Also I love Pancham's little drum routine! That was so cute!

Overall a solid episode. I figure we got about two more of these. Serena will probably win the next one, then we have the finale for Kalos Queen.
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Well this episode was a roller coaster.

I go into it 99% sure Nene will win. But then Serena and Eevee have their little triumph and the music kicks in, and I become 99% sure she sill win. And then Jessie goes and wins it. A surprise that was never even on my radar.

Anywho, nice to see that Jessie will be a rival after all. I wonder if Serena will go on a losing streak to give all her rivals time to catch up.

Then there was Yashio. I wasn't really sure what to expect from her this episode, but I figured she would do more than just hang out. I was proved wrong there too.
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Jessie won so that makes this an automatic 10/10. I'm laughing at her haters now.
Hope we see her getting her other keys in showcases like in DP with contests. Win again against Serena then wins one Serena happens to not enter or can't as she has her three keys
Even though I'm really pleased that Jessie won, I think Nini did better, she used all three of her Pokemon in both rounds and they all took a very active role. Not like Jessie, who made Meowth and Wobbuffet do pretty much everything (because the Kalos Queen isn't going to get her hands dirty :D). Pancham didn't do very much in Serena's baking round and her performance with Braixen and Eevee wasn't that impressive either. Maybe I'm thinking too much like Coordinator Contests, but isn't working with your Pokemon just as important as looking pretty/cute?
However, it was good to see that new Serena doesn't let a little fall devastate her like old Serena did and she just got on with things. Also that her bond with Eevee helped it overcome the stagefright.
Getting back to Jessie, I know I've already said it was great to see her win, but what made it so much better was to see her fabulous megalomania reappear.
On a side note, I thought the girl with the Mightyena looked fantastic.
This is my (now slightly coherent) first impression.

Firstly, someone really cared about making this town/contest hall stand out. I can't remember a more memorable location-OTD! The animation overall was outstanding and that alone kept me hooked to every second.

I was genuinely shocked out of my seat when Musashi was declared winner to be honest. Like Sir Jace, I went in thinking "Nene", saw Eevee pull it back and groaned "Serena" and then, and then!! But now I think I should have seen it coming from the beginning of the episode. Did anyone else get thrown back to December 2007 when Musashi won her first ever ribbon? I did from the word go - Musashi thinks cheating will ensure a win but fails to cheat whilst everyone expects the established buttmonkey rival to win, but they don't and its actually the person who everyone has given up on by now... Musashi?!

This was a better version though. (And you don't know how much it pains me to say that about a Tripokalon vs that precious memory of the start of my most emotionally invested arc!) To be perfectly honest I actually though Musashi's performance was boring (I wouldn't have minded Nene winning - her "Heartbreak" killed me!) but thought her poffle thing was clever and maybe a cute little throwback to Nyasu manipulating dough back in DP??????? Btw did anyone else thing Serena's poffle thing sucked? Yancham did nothing!

I couldn't believe my eyes when I read that Oohashi wrote the episode. I mean yeah Musashi got to be a bit OTT, but Kojiro and Nyasu were... nice? Happy for their friend? Like WHAT!? I thought they couldn't even remember her birthday mate, what's going on? (But you know, no need to revert to form please.)

So yeah. I'm going to bed all warm and fluffed-up tonight! It's been SOME time before Pokemon induced this in me!
Has anyone guessed who my fave character in the anime is?
On a side note, I thought the girl with the Mightyena looked fantastic.

Heck, a lot of the minor performers have interesting, appealing designs!

It's almost a shame their just space fillers, because they seem like an interesting bunch.
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