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Lissis art shop! [CLOSED]

Oct 28, 2023
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  1. She/Her
Hi! Decided to start one of these! I’ve already said this, but my motivation when it comes to art is super messed up so I might not get to your request the quickest ever (but I will try!)

Here are the things I’m willing to draw:
  • Canon Pokémon characters
  • Your ocs
  • Your canon character redesigns
  • Maybe I can draw someone from another anime or manga or game
  • I can draw a trainer with their Pokémon but no Pokémon by themselves.
  • A ship (but please keep this to Pokémon series humans only and know that I’m not the best at drawing most adults and people kissing)
If you’re using my art for a pfp or something, you don’t have to credit me, but it would definitely be appreciated.

I’ll have three slots open to help organize things
I’ll try to finish them in the right order but that might not always happen so I didn’t number them

Looking forward to your requests!
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@Luci_ i was experimenting with a sort of truly Chibi style and ended up with this:


I’m thinking of still doing a full piece, or maybe just doodling a page full of them instead (I’ve never drawn them before, so this will be fun

let me know what you want (and either is fine!)
I’m just gonna say this is taking forever, but it will get to you sometime. My brain loves procrastinating an unnecessary amount

After this is done, I’ll probably close this whole i figure some stuff out, mainly how to get more motivation for this stuff

Thanks for understanding and sorry x1000 to luci!!!
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