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Your Shipping List

here’s mine!!!

1 LoveRivalShipping (Brendan/ruby and Wally)
2 OrginShipping (Steven and Wallace)
3 AnnemaeShipping (Dawn and Iris)

1 explanation : In the manga ( Pokémon adventure ) the first interaction between Brendan/ruby and Wally was when Wally was the most sick / helpless. During that moment Brendan/ruby lended Wally Rara a ralts, Wally decided to catch a kecleon for a starter. Once that was done the sat and watched the lighting bugs assuming it’s night. That’s when Brendan/ruby got lost due to ?? (i don’t remember), then Wally had to take care of Rara, the ralts.

2 explanation : From Pokémon masters EX, they seem to have a good bond with each other and seen like awesome friends. But the story that they released on Valentines Day, A story between then walking into a cave then coming out soon later had people thinking it was cannon, so I joined along.

3 explanation : I always had a soft spot for Dawn and Iris due to them being some of my favorite in the anime. They have met before and seem to get along relatively well, they even joke around ash being a kid and that was always funny to me. They always make me happy and them seem happy together too.
I don't keep up with designated ship names anymore, so I'm going entirely off of the old half-and-half style or just the <name> x <name> format preferring dub names, but if I can remember the actual pair names, I'm using them.

  • Ashgoh (current OTP as fate would have it)
  • Pearlshipping (Ash x Dawn)
  • Palletshipping (Ash x Gary)
  • Rocketshipping (James x Jessie; my thoughts on this are actually a little more complicated, I'll elaborate later)
  • Contestshipping (May x Drew; complicated for a diff reason)

I'm a former Amour diehard, dropped the ship after like season 2 of X Y when I was already so far behind that trying to catch up was beyond me, and the longer it went on, the more I found the pair forced and outright creepy in the way it was written in the show. So Ash's relationship with Goh in Journeys was not only a breath of fresh air, but it was also particularly invigorating because apparently the writing team is more capable of giving us a less weird pair if they're supposed to be seen primarily as best friends. And I'm going to be completely honest, Zeno Robinson does a fantastic job selling that synergy and energy.

FeraNelia on Tumblr is probably the sole reason I got into Palletshipping, and I really have to thank them for it. There's just something about the nerd-jock pair type.

Rocket is almost impossible to escape and frankly I don't think it's a bad thing. That said? I could honestly see it as either entirely platonic or taken the whole nine yards, if only because of previously stated backstory details.

I would need to rewatch all of AG before I solidified my opinion on Contest, but I definitely don't hate it.

  • Originshipping (Steven x Wallace)
  • Perfectworldshipping (Sycamore x Lysandre)
  • Chiefshipping (Anabel x Looker)
  • Ignitionshipping (Flint x Volkner)
  • Leon x Raihan
  • Hop x Protag. (SWSH)

There is exactly one artist on Twitter who's responsible for getting me hooked on Chief, and it's @vergolophus. Seriously, go check out their artwork. I love it so much.

Just about everything else here is implied hard enough that it almost feels like a given? I think so, at least.
I'm a former Amour diehard, dropped the ship after like season 2 of X Y when I was already so far behind that trying to catch up was beyond me, and the longer it went on, the more I found the pair forced and outright creepy in the way it was written in the show.
Man, I must have been really oblivious at the time. Even the kiss scene didn't open my eyes.

Anyway, I like Gaiashipping. I'm not sure why!

As for Femmegymshipping, blame it on Torchic W. Pip.
...Can I do this by character, or should I put them all in one, big post?
Finally making my long, non-comprehensive list:

OTP: Gracefulshipping (Wallace/Winona) - I just think they're neat. I started shipping them before I even knew they were in the manga. They... pretty.

OT3: Sabotageshipping (Wallace/Steven/Winona) - Masters got me into Originshipping, and SkarmoryShipping is also cute, so I reconciled these two facts with my love of Gracefulshipping by... making a throuple. I love this ship so much.

OTP2 - AquaHeartShipping (Nessa/Sonia) - I started shipping them as soon as I saw them. And their interactions in the games are so cute :bulbaLove:

Other ships I love (most of these are just idk I just think they're cute together):

FemmeGymShipping (Sabrina/Erika) - Brooding psychic and flower shop owner also just.... girls.

FleurdeGrandeShipping (Grant/Viola) - omg they're so cute in the anime my heart

FrostedFairyShipping (Siebold/Valerie) - I like the serious A/soft B dynamic

FeastShipping (Grant/Valerie/Siebold) - p o l y a m o r y

TrueRivalShipping (Raihan/Leon) - I like rivals to lovers

DarkSteelShipping (Steven/Cynthia) - I like cool edgy nerdy Champions in love.

RoamShipping (Steven/Cynthia/Lance) and HotChampionShipping (Steven/Cynthia/Lance/Diantha) - I like Champion poly shenanigans.

AoShipping (Riley/Cheryl) - I think half of these ships are just me projecting things I like onto characters and half of that half is variations of serious A/soft B. (Yes this includes Wallace/Winona, in my fics of them at least.)

MasakudoShipping (Will/Karen) - I like their vibe.

MaesilShipping (Will/Karen/Grimsley) - I blame @ghosttoasties for this and tbh I'm cool with this. Poly ships ftw.

PontiacFirebirdShipping (Kahili/Kiawe) - I just think they would be cute together.

AirplaneShipping (Elesa/Skyla) - I've liked them as a couple for several years, but Masters really sold me on the ship.

SteelLairShipping (Jasmine/Clair) seri—

PikeMaidenShipping (Anabel/Lucy) - Frontier Brain QUEENS. Tragically underrated ship.

MonolithShipping (Brock/Olivia) - Th-the anime.

SacredShipping (Morty/Eusine) - I like them. I think they are a funny dynamic.

RockSmashShipping (Roxanne/Brawly) - Jock/Nerd is a dynamic that will never get old, imo.

MossShipping (Roark/Gardenia) - Um... I think they're... * checks thesaurus *... adorable.

DualRivalShipping (Cheren/Bianca) - They're so cute together and dorky and cute and sweet and—

PinkPaintShipping (Ilima/Mina) - Partially because of their similarities, partially because I like nerds in love.

AquariumPlantShipping (Mallow/Lana) - Idk they're just cute.

HardenShipping (Archie/Maxie) - ...I like rivals to lovers.

Siebold/Nessa/Wallace - I could not tell you whether I ship these three (or Siebold/Wallace or Wallace/Nessa or Nessa/Siebold) platonically, romantically, a mix of both, or something else, even if you offered me a million dollars.

As for Femmegymshipping, blame it on Torchic W. Pip.
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and then sadly some without ship names :(

Hilbert x Calem
Chase x trace
Elaine x green
Actually, these ones do have names! They're all listed here.

Hilbert/Calem - RoiNoirShipping
Chase/Trace - AdventurerShipping
Elaine/Green - LeafyLaneShipping (technically this one is the name for Elaine x Leaf, but Leaf and LGPE Green are debatably the same character lol)
Actually, these ones do have names! They're all listed here.

Hilbert/Calem - RoiNoirShipping
Chase/Trace - AdventurerShipping
Elaine/Green - LeafyLaneShipping (technically this one is the name for Elaine x Leaf, but Leaf and LGPE Green are debatably the same character lol)
Than you so much I’ve been trying to find these but it never shows up for me that you :).
Over the years, my thoughts on shipping are more on the "enjoyer" side of things. That said, even though my shipping list is outdated, some ships still pops up from time to time. Here are a few examples from Legends: Arceus alone :

Rei & Akari: the classic case of the "protagonist we picked & the one we didn't pick" ship. The ship itself is nothing too special, but it gets a mention here due to me headcanoning Rei as non-binary and Akari being one of the few peoples who don't question this, assuming that wherever Rei came from, human civilization had advanced far enough that couples don't always have to be male/female for survival purposes (at least, this is how I assume most things would go in the game's settings. I could be wrong).

Colza & Arezu: This ship favors love and stability. To quote what I said in the "Rare Pairings" thread : Both are met by the player in Jubilife Village, both take care of plant life in their respective way (Colza runs a farmfield, while Arezu is the warden of the Hisuian Lilligant in Crimson Mirelands), and since taking care of plants likely require trimming some of them, I like to think Arezu would give Colza suggestions on how to trim the plants without hurting them, while he would provide some herbal tea stuff as thanks, and they would eventually grow closer and closer together. Plus, I like to think that current era Sinnoh has some of the noteworthy characters be distant family members. As far as I know, this one doesn't have a shipping name, but if the name I coined in the Shipping Name thread was accepted, it would be named FloricultureShipping. Crossing fingers on that name !

Cyllene & Sanqua: Okay, where do I begin... While I did coin a potential name for it back in November, recently I realised they have quite a few things in common that would make the pair work : both work for the Galaxy Team albeit for different tasks, there's sort of a moon theme going on (Cyllene's name being likely based on the name of the Greek Goddess of the Moon, and one mission involving Sanqua has the player interacting with an Umbreon, which evolves under the moonlight), and there's synergy with the fact that Sanqua doing painting means she'd be able to make a portrait of Cyllene, while the latter would appreciate the soothing silence due to the concentration needed for painting after working tirelessly on paperwork all day. That, and there's the dynamic of being coworkers meaning they would know a bit about each other. Oh, and both have similar hair color (a huge must, I tell you !). Now that would mean potentially throwing away current-era Pokémon games's canon due to them clearly having descendants in Cyrus and Karen, but that has never stopped anyone before.
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Oh wow, I originally posted here almost two years ago? I think my old list is in dire need of some updating.
It's actually not all too different than it was in 2021, but different enough that I felt like it needed a refresh. Because why naut. :wynaut:
My favorites:
  • PalletShipping (Ash/Gary) - I'll spare you any more words about this from me today... you're welcome. :p
  • AppealShipping (Dawn/Zoey) - I mentioned it last time, but rivals and foils are one of my weaknesses, and they were just so great as an example of those. <3
  • TimelessPromiseShipping (Goh/Horace) - Well these two certainly ended up getting some screentime... and yet here I was rooting for them back when one of them was still a CotD! Their characters really balanced each other out quite nicely and they surprisingly had a lot of good episodes together.
  • SingleStepShipping (Misty/Sakura) - I'll forever be a bit sad that Sakura never even got a cameo after the events of Housou... sigh.
  • ColdCoffeeShipping (Paul/Barry) - Ah, my resident crackship that got out of hand. How fond I am of their wacky one-sided (or is it?) dynamic together.
Other ones that I like/appreciate:
  • PokeShipping (Ash/Misty) - My former favorite from years past. Still love 'em, even if now I do think of the ship platonically more often than not.
  • ContestShipping (May/Drew) - My other former favorite. I used to be sooo invested in them when I was younger, it felt like such a "will they or won't they?!" kind of situation to me back in the day lol.
  • CopyShipping (Todd Snap/Duplica) - Behold, the best nevermet! Their shared quirky demeanors and arts-related hobbies would just work together so well.
  • ThirdWheelShipping (Brock/Tracey) - The crackship that got out of hand part two. I stand by it!
  • RocketShipping (Jessie/James) - I never was quite there on the front lines of this ship with everyone else, but gah, after all that's happened they truly deserved a better ending than the one they got. Heartbreaking, truly, but dangit it'll always be real to me...
  • IceBloomShipping (Chloe/Regina) - Regina was a great CotD. I could see them running into each other again someday after Chloe left on her own journey.
  • ElectabuzzShipping (Casey/Georgio) - The fact that this could be considered sorta-technically-canon is just interesting to me. Not too often you get to say two characters have actually been on a date.
  • DuckShipping (Misty/Marina) - A pair so rare I had to name it myself!
  • KnowledgeShipping (Gary/Giselle) - On the other hand, this one has like three different names apparently, lol. It's truly random but lately it just seems to pop up in my mind every now and then. Sorta similar personalities, these two, right?
I'll probably update this part with any more that I think of. That is, if I actually remember to this time.
My favorites:
  • NamelessShipping (Red/Blue)
  • MoonlilyShipping (Selene/Lillie)
  • CuteBonesShipping (Gladion/Hau)
  • HunterShipping (Ethan/Silver)
  • RogueShipping (Wes/Cail)
Other ones that I like/appreciate:
  • SacredShipping (Eusine/Morty)
  • SoulSilverShipping (Lyra/Silver)
  • TwinleafShipping (Dawn/Barry)
  • ClingyShipping (Lucas/Barry)
  • ShiroShipping (Hilda/Bianca)
  • IkebanaShipping (Erika/Jasmine)
  • FemmeGymShipping (Sabrina/Erika)
  • PresenceShipping (Nate/Curtis)
  • LightPinkShipping (Rosa/Yancy)
  • GreySkyShipping (Nate/Hugh)
  • OldRivalShipping (Blue/Leaf)
  • SabotageShipping (Steven/Wallace/Winona)
  • IgnitionShipping (Volkner/Flint)
  • ColosseumShipping (Wes/Rui)
I obviously don't have nearly as many notes about these as I do the anime-based ones, lol. Honestly it's hard to list all of them, since my opinions just shift around all the time and I'm always finding new ones, though I will say my favorites have remained pretty much exactly the same since 2016 or so.
Outdated I suppose and not a full list:

If I had to pick an ash shipping it’d be either Pearl or Amour.
Here's mine :enzap:

Ships I like :
  • Namelessshipping (Red/Blue) and Oldrivalshipping (Blue/Leaf)
  • Originshipping (Steven/Wallace)
  • Expertshipping (Oak/Agatha)
  • Sacredshipping (Eusine/Morty)
  • Contestqueenshipping (Lisia/May)
  • Gaiashipping (Cheryl/Gardenia)
  • Alexandrianshipping (Jasmine/Volkner)
  • Eliteundershipping (Aaron/Lucian)
  • Isshushipping (N/Hilbert)
  • Pokestarshipping (Brycen/Sabrina) - they have a TCG card.
  • Airplaneshipping (Elesa/Skyla)
  • 2getha5evashipping (Bryony/Celosia)
  • Sycamore/Alexa (unnamed)
  • Fallershipping (Looker/Anabel)
  • Floatingbarriershipping (Gloria/Avery)
  • eboyshipping (Raihan/Piers) - I like Piers's song when he's battling with Raihan :wynaut:
  • AZ/Cogita (unnamed)
  • Ephemeralartshipping (Hassel/Brassius)
  • Larry/Rika (they're like Poppy's parents)
  • Dendra/Miriam
And now, for my favorites...
  • Ikebanashipping (Erika/Jasmine) - it's the best pairing involving Erika or Jasmine in my opinion, I love the moment where Erika teases Jasmine.
  • Silverspawnshipping (Giovanni/Ariana) - Leaves a lot to the imagination.
  • Seviishipping/Networkshipping (Bill/Celio) - believe it or not but this is the very first pairing I shipped without previously seeing any fanworks.
  • Hardenshipping (Maxie/Archie) - it's mindblowing how it was acknowledged in an official tweet :confused:
  • FortuneShipping (Lucas/Dawn) - they're simply cute...
  • Ignitionshipping (Flint/Volkner) - their interactions in the Platinum Villa are hilarious.
  • Glistenshipping (Candice/Maylene) - their interactions in the Villa are endearing.
  • Haganeshipping (Riley/Roark) - For a long time I wasn't aware of the connection between the two of them because I hadn't read all of Riley and Byron's lines but after learning about it, everything made sense. (And they have similar hobbies and Pokémon too) The fact they're two of my favorite Pokémon characters also made me love it, naturally. The small amount of people who shipped them since gen 4 must have been really happy to see Roark talking about Riley in Masters ! I collected so many fanworks of the pair, it's my favorite :)
  • Whiteorchidshipping (Cynthia/Caitlin) - beautiful couple.
  • Voidcubeshipping (N/Rosa) - if Rosa is around N's age, I love it
  • Vestalshipping (Valerie/Viola) - considering Valerie gave Viola a heart shaped barrette, I wonder if it's supposed to be a secret ship...
  • Boilingwatershipping (Siebold/Malva) - It's pretty intense. I believe it would be a love/hate relationship.
  • Captainshipping (Cyllene/Zisu) - Zisu looks adorable when she talks about Cyllene...
There are other ships I like or lowkey ships but I think that's it :enzap:
I used to be a big fan of perfectworldshipping but now I prefer them as best friends.
For the anime, I like Pokéshipping, Palletshipping, Lustshipping, Blueangelshipping and Castleshipping. I liked Ruby and Sapphire's romance in the manga.
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Plainhiveshipping (Bugsy/Whitney)
My all-time favorite ship! I just think they're really cute together. And it's pretty obvious by all my profile info haha. But I really do adore these two and they've been a huge inspiration for me and my creative passions.

Honorshipping (Falkner/Morty)
I believe in this more than Sacred. I also love to think that Falkner, Morty, Bugsy, and Whitney are friends so I love the dynamic of the two relationships at hand.

Vanivilleshipping (Game Serena/Trevor)
One of my twitter mutuals got me into this.

Reguri (Red/Blue)
This one too.

Miakaneshipping (Whitney/Jasmine)
I actually used to ship this before I was a Plainhiveshipper. This must've been so many years ago. But it is a ship that Masters sort of alludes to, and there aren't enough Whitney fans out there, so if you ship this, more power to you!
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