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GAME: Your Story/WIP Out of Context

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Karen: “Don’t you see?! I’ve done something awful! I made a fake identity to get Lusamine off my back, and now my fake identity is more successful than I am!”

Will: “Well, now what are you planning to do?”

Karen stopped pacing and looked at Will.

“Beat my arch nemesis, 5-Minute Crafts.”
Panting, Orion jolted his head in Hesh’s direction, startling the young Wartortle. “Get in the bag.”

Hesh stared at him. “You’re kidding me.”


“Okay, okay! Geez!” With a begrudging expression, Hesh stood on the inside of the satchel.

- Chapter 9, Lost Child
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Jessie cleared her throat. "Prepare for trouble, shake in fear!"

"And make it double, we are here!" James continued, causing everyone's eyes to bulge.

"To let us know what we are doing here!"

"I don't know, but you twerps better make that clear!"



"Team Rocket is absolutely confused at the speed of light." Jessie said, causing Fletchling to snicker.

"Give us answers now, or prepare to fight!"

"Meowth, that's right!"

"Ready for duty!" Wobbuffet cried.

"Me too!" Inkay added.

"I don't know who you are, but I'm doing this too!" A Pumpkaboo shouted behind Jessie.
“So that’s your type, huh?” the Simisage groaned. “I’ll pray to the Creator that we don’t find you out on the field without your shell later.”

Hesh dropped his bread. “Wait, what’s that supposed to mean?"

- Chapter 3, The Cursed Mercenary
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Froakie frowned. Simple. All his previous trainer wanted was for Froakie to listen to him and do nothing else but obey. And when Froakie didn't he grew frustrated with him, even resorting to yelling.

He and all those other trainers might as well have just tied him with a rope and dragged him down the street simply to get him to obey.

Here's another one from the same fic:
Bunnelby blinked. "I think he meant he wanted an actual doctor answer. Not some kind of vague and hopeful thought."

Ash blinked. "Then, wouldn't he just ask a doctor? Why would he ask me? I'm not certified."
“Come on, man. I just want to make conversation. I already told you a bit about myself. Why not talk about yourself for a change?”

Orion growled, “You know, I can just leave you here and you can complete the mission yourself.”

Hesh clasped his hands together and feigned a smile. “Please?”

Orion grumbled, as he tore open another Oran Berry. “You're an annoying kid. I don't know what kind of answers you want. But go ahead. Ask.”

- Chapter 6, Condemned Plains
Steven grabbed a knife from the table and pointed it towards the two men.

“Back off. I don’t know anything about fighting, but I will learn to best King Arthur in a nanosecond in order to protect these two from you two.”

“Take your D&D shit out of my establishment,” Dwight demanded.
After 11:59 PM on October 31st, everyone in El Ángel stopped caring about Halloween and turned their attention to the holiday season. Thanksgiving never really caught on, but that one dog show sure did.
The Absol was surprised, but did as its trainer asked. The white and black Pokemon unsteadily backed away from the cheerfully advancing Pachirisu. It almost looked like a scene from a horror movie...if the killer was a happy little squirrel with puckered lips. Or maybe more accurately, it was like a kid running from cooties in the schoolyard. It may as well been like watching a horror movie to the opposing trainer, though.
I've been waiting to post this dumb line:

Daiya raises the lantern over their heads, the brim of his hard hat casting a shadow over his face. "Welcome to Sinnoh's Grand Underground. It's dig or die."
Top tier stuff. Thank you for sharing.
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