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  • Seriously xD and here I thought there wasn't that much of a difference.

    Yeah, Second Year Rhapsody is a sequel to the first fic Pokemon Academy: Dragon's Roar, it ended at 50 chapters though I made SYR so that people could get into it without reading the first one so it's optional if you want to read DR xD
    Well at least you came with the mindset to read xD

    Oh and I actually agree with your opinion on the movies, well except for Anna Karenina since I haven't watched it and Skyfall, I liked Skyfall more than any other Bond movie but it wasn't that amazing to me xD and I kind of agree with Argo, I guess people just liked it because it stayed true to the events that it was basing itself off of or something.

    I need to watch Rise of the Guardians and Wreck it Ralph was just plain old awesome, too bad it lost to Brave at the academy awards.
    Well I have two but you see one of them just started and has two chapters and the other has 32 chapters so I don't know which one you'd want to read.
    sorry for shameless advertising but I was wondering if you wanted to give one of mine a read xD
    Well even if we live in two different countries I still feel your pain xD it's the same over here and I'm actually studying the same thing, I mean I like chemistry even if it's equally pointless but physics has nothing to do with programming at all, hell I'm not even taking programming this term cause of lack of credits.
    Pretty much the same xD I've had a lot of trouble with my own college and studying, specially things like physics which are just a hassle.
    Math is the reason you can't trust anything. Seems like nothing can change the answers, ever. "2+2=4, right? Wrong! 2+2=5!" *how*

    Well, we can always make it a secret corner of the Oshawott group. Mijumaru, the defender against mathematics.
    No math, but biology's still complex stuff, which does look better, high-grade-wise.

    We can start another club! "Math is a Written Form of the Devil"
    =[ *HUG* I suppose it's harder on social butterflies. I wasn't leaving many people, and real socializing didn't kick in until the second or third semester, but I met great people while I was away. (But word on financial anything causing mini-panic attacks [mainly due to never filing FAFSA in on time; my motto is procrastinate on everything but schoolwork] and astronomy being balls. I suggest geology.) But mental health comes first. <3 Can't have you breaking down and getting greys too early.
    D8 OMFG you did not show up in my notes. Bad, forum, bad.

    Noooo. *hugs for emotional breakdown* But why the switch? ^^; If I may ask?
    I've completed Part 1 of Fritz Westmyn's story. If you're still around, I'd like on Skype a bit about a few ideas I had. :)
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