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  • Ooh, grad school, nice! I'm envious - I really wanted to do that right after my bachelor's , but money was a problem. I'm working full-time for now and maybe after a few years I'll do my masters.

    The XY anime is sweet! It really reeled me back in after BW was so boring. Excited for this upcoming gym battle for sure!
    Same story over here! Trying to be lazy when I can, 'cause once next semester starts they'll be no time for that.

    I've missed a few eps of the anime due to uni work and stuff so I dunno if 'll ever catch 'em. Or even bother. What's your opinion on the current series so far?
    Chemistry <3333. Haha, I used to love Chemistry. Unfortunately in 6th form I had to choose between it and French-another subject I really loved, and I ended up choosing that latter :( I really do miss it though D:. That's good, I think my year went pretty good too!

    Gosh, I wish there was one of those around here! xD I've only tried the regular kind and strawberry, so my mouth waters imagining the different types over there xD
    Double major in Information Technology and Accounting. The I.T. is my true passion I guess, while the Accounting was just to experience something I never did before xD I like it though :D
    What's your major?

    OMG, I love cheesecake :D :D I almost ate an entire one at Christmas xD
    Its at a website development company ^^ It'll help me with school, and with work experience :D Though I'm not too sure if I like it so far..

    Happy Birthday! Hope it was great! :)
    I know right! This weekend is the first time I've been able to find time to log on in moths. And that's only because its summer vacation now xD

    I'm liking BW too! Though I still miss DP xD I honestly don't know anything about the movie other than its title(s) :p I'm pretty far behind in terms of news. I'd like a starter to evolve in the near future ^_^

    I'm pretty alright. Really glad the semester has come to an end, but I started an internship today so its not like I get any relaxation xD
    in order
    Snivy [
    Oshawott [ LOL S.O.S
    Scraggy [

    the same as you XD, but i don't dislike any of them, far from it.
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