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  • I'll follow you back as well, right now I have to go to school thought. ^^ I was surprised to see you on Bulba.
    btw can I post the drawing on tumblr? <3 with source to your tumblr (or just submit it to me (tuxedopiplup) or post it on your tumblr so I can reblog XD )
    EDIT: well I posted it with source to your blog and tagged your url, that should be ok, right?
    OMG I LOVE IT!!! Thanks!! <3
    And pleaaase just watch it already! you don't have to watch all of the original Avatar series (I first watched Korra and only then started to watch the original Avatar, which I still didn't finish...) it's just 12 eps so far so it'd be relatively easy to watch it fast... you have to see how fucking awesome Bolin is! you'll fall in love with him (cause it's impossible not to) and then you'll make lots of awesome fan art of him dsgsdfhsdfh <3
    Also, yeah, Pip's reaction should've been everyone else's... ESPECIALLY Buneary - it was so ridiculous it somehow didn't care about leaving Pika AT ALL... like ugh what a way to "love", bunny... letting you model and you're throwing your boyfriend to hell without even thinking about it...
    Thanks <3 as for characters, any one (or more than one? I love crossover art combining characters from different shows) of these would always make me happy: Bolin and Pabu (from The Legend of Korra, btw did you watch it yet?), Dipper (from Gravity Falls), or like 2352353 characters I love from Pokémon: Dawn, Piplup, Hilda, Oshawott, Fennekin, Chespin, N, Hugh, Cameron (ugh so hard to call him so now instead of Kotetsu, but I stick to English names)
    So yeah anything from that list would be awesome XD just choose or idk you can do whatever you'd like to, knowing you the result will be 100% awesome
    And omg getting the final DP ep is like even better... omfg I remember now Pip crying and Togekiss hugging it and just ugh fml... oh, and the bunny abandoning Pika for modeling - I'll never forget that
    As for your link - yeah, I already ship Ash with N, even though I shipped him with Cameron, even though I shipped him with Paul and Barry... oops, I think I'm clearly watching this show for the wrong reasons these days...
    and I found you on tumblr yesterday... I think it was from your comments on Piggy's posts XD I was like "omfg Chatsy has tumblr?! FOLLOWING 5EVER" <3
    wow it's been such a long time since I last stalked your livejournal (I totally should go back to doing it regularly) or just talked to you
    so yeah it's my bday today and I asked everyone to draw me bday drawings, and I totally wanted to ask you too, yet somehow forgot :( so yeah if you could draw me a little thing that would be awesome <3 I know it'll be late but it's ok (and lol you don't have to at all)
    how awesome is it that I got Episode N for my bday?! N IS MINE, he's my bday present <3
    Well, rar files are just like zip files and such, you just need to download the free winrar and use it to extract the files from the rars
    Anyway, hopefully you'll get to watch it soon, Bolin is worth it <3
    I'm actually more crazy now about Supernatural - which is totally weird cause I never watch live shows... until now XD and even more weird that it's kinda "dark" (lots of blood and stuff) which is totally not my thing... but somehow I really loved it XD
    Say, Chatsy, did you watch The Legend of Korra? I just recently watched it, all 12 eps, and I kind of liked it, though it was mostly Bolin that I totally fell in love with, more than the show itself XD
    If you didn't watch it yet, do you think there's any chance you'll try it in the near future? I'm totally not doing this only to make you draw me some Bolin fan arts later
    Bolin is so extremely dangerously hot and awesome so you'll have to watch it just for him, he also owns the cutest thing ever also known as Pabu the fire ferret, so it makes it all even better
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