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  • Ayo! Its me again~! :D Ive also bin quite inactive on the Forums too~ Lol But i've bin on League plenty of times~! and did you know~
    Your last League game is still from last year~! D: Bruhh~!! We gots to get a game! And u can definitely find me there~

    And way ahead of you~ Already added~
    And you shud really do your homework Mr.Kaatarou, if you know what I mean~ hehe~ (◕‿-)
    I agree. Not only that, but they can get me really pumped up too! It's funny how the Fairy Tail theme played fast can completely raise my adrenaline, but when the same music is played in the slower version, it's relaxing and hopeful. Both ways it's really powerful.
    And yeah, I haven't watched it in ages either. To be honest it's sort of declining in my opinion. Its just not the same as it used to be y'know? So yeah, rewatching it might be a good idea, to remember how great the first seasons were.
    I do have a deviantart account if you want to check it out. You can find the link in my signature now. I'm not sure where I'm allowed to post links here yet. The comic has gotten progressively better drawn as I have gotten used to working with my tablet, so the first few pages are not the best. Also, the story will probably be nothing like what you expect, and some pages are moderately mature due to language.
    OK. Thanks.
    That's good. Hope you did well in the exams. And I imagine you're looking forward to the fall play, am I right?
    Oh it's okay, no big deal, I understand~

    And yeah I do. I'll PM you my details. ^^
    I love eevees and their evolutions. I always ended up with a team of them in the games.
    I actually do make a Pokemon fan comic in my spare time. It's not quite what people would expect from a Pokemon comic though... :)
    Alright! Also, would you be able to be on here while we race? Just for ease of communication really.

    And one more thing, we'll be having a guest, another friend of mine. owo Also no voice chat please. ^^;
    Once again, I apologize for taking this long to respond. I've been rather stressed out lately, so I needed a break from the internet for a little while. Sorry for the inconvenience.
    Understandable. It's only natural that school would be a priority for the time being. Did you have a good time in the musical, by any chance?
    I would imagine the pizza tastes good, considering I find pizza to be delicious every time I have some. And that's good. Having a bit of variety is always welcome.
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