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  • I'm sure it's absolutely fine. Thanks for coming to me, and don't worry about having worried me or anything like that. :)
    I don't have time to read it right now, but I will endeavour to do so soon. In the mean time, I think I can otherwise placate you.

    If you have broken that rule, all that would be necessary would be for you to re-label the story (which can be done by hitting 'edit' and 'go advanced' on the op of the thread. Since it is you yourself reporting this you won't even be given a warning (which would have likely been the extent of the punishment). There are very very few circumstances in which we would request a fic be deleted (i have been a mod here for nearly 2 years and have seen it happen only once)

    At any rate, I am not sure you have really broken the spirit of the rule. If you label your fic too highly eg. Mature when it ought to be Teen, that's not a problem at all. It's only the other way round that we are really concerned about.
    I have to concede that I've been restrained in some of my criticisms on account of your stated age/experience level. I haven't actually read the following chapters yet, but from merely scrolling through the topic I did spot a few lines that strike me as (for lack of a better term) "red flag". The first two chapters could easily pass for Teen or even Everyone, but I'm assuming you tagged the topic as Mature for a reason, and that reason looks like (guessing) Chapter Four.
    That's the thing, forums are good places for discussion and not like the old FF.net (which I haven't been on for eons) where all comments had to be about the story posted and there was no venue for general chat (related to a story or otherwise).

    On the note of stories, I finally finished and posted my revision for my chapter 3. It weighs in at about 3.5k words, which is about my personal average per chapter (though some of my chapters do run longer than others).
    I don't mind 'little' OT digressions, ones that last for only a post or two. They make conversations more interesting.
    Well, I was in fact surprised to see the "Delete post" ability at all. One of the reasons I'm averse to deleting posts at all is because if you're not careful it will leave obvious "holes" in what's left behind. Like your post that asked about the semicolon, without which my post explaining it feels a bit random (and also looks like a double post since the one above it was also mine).
    I'm actually a pretty big adherent to the concept of NOT deleting posts just for being slightly OT, but for now I will at least take out the accidental double-posts. (Many forums restrict deleting posts to moderators only, so I really did not expect to have that permission here.)
    No problem, I never fully read those rules cause I learned how to play Mafia in another forum and so I didn't really try to repeat them... :)
    Each Day phase, everyone votes. Each Night phase, the mafia kills someone and players can use their roles. Some roles can be used during the day (like Doublevoter that automatically makes that player's vote count as two).
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