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  • I don't mean to bother you, but I added your friend code. Could you add mine?
    Mii Name: Raeor
    FC: 2234-7147-0686
    Considering I got your code and info off the table on the first post, and not off that end of that thread, I didn't see that. No need to be a prick.
    I added your friend code, as I need a friend safari with Eevee and I hope you will add me as well. 2234 - 7159 - 4701.
    I added you to my 3DS friend list.
    My Code is: 3411-1627-7859
    Name: Sebastian or Durgo like u whant
    Many thanks
    Hello. I added you :) You can add me back if you'd like.

    3DS Friend Code: 1676-4948-1757
    3DS Name: Joe
    Trainer Name: Joe
    Pokemon X

    Also, please let me know what kind of safari I have so that I may update my post on the fc thread. Thank you.
    Hi, Added you to my friend codes! My stuff:

    Name: Kia
    I think my Safari is Ghost type.
    Hello, there!
    I just added you to my list, if you want to add me as well my fc is 3411-0920-6354 and I'm Gregguru. Hope to have a nice time! :)
    I added you to my friends list. Here's my info.

    Code: 0001-4606-5590
    Name: Charles
    Trainer Name:Charles
    Trainer ID:11331
    Version: X with Elite 4 beaten.
    Hi! How are you?

    I added you 'cause I like that your Friend Safari has Eevees in it. Here's my FC if you want it.

    FC: 2337 3508 1976

    My friend Safari is Grass, and it has Quilladins in it, among to other Pokemon. :)
    Thanks for the advice and offer, Emp. I think Bismark will be staying with me. There are many grand adventures down the road and he'll be a welcome companion. See you along the road.
    Insert generic greeting here.
    It's Kasai. This username fits me better. How're you doing?
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