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  • At this point out of all older characters i find Misty deserves to return the most. Not only because she hasn't been seen for 6 years being interested in how much things changed, but also because she would benefit much more from world tournament than Brock, May or any other character would. Hopefully that wont stay only on opening like they did in DP tricking people in thinking how characters would actually return, just to end up disappointed.

    Im glad Meloetta is going to play important role in BW2 and Dawn return leads me to believe how she might have something to do with legendary pokemon. It wouldn't be so farfetched to expect Meloetta deciding to follow Dawn to Hoenn or some other region giving out impression of pokemon which would like to participate in contests. Especially with its music abilities.
    Thank you very much, i appreciate that. If i need help you will be first one ill let know.
    So are you excited about BW2? Who knows, maybe Dawn and Cynthia return is only beginning panning out way for return of other familiar faces in future. Like Brock, Misty who we haven't seen for unusually long time or May(though she has bigger chance to return for RS remakes than now).
    Some of the other staff members have changed their names to match Gym Leaders too. I chose Janine because she is my favourite Gym Leader; simples.
    Thank you for all those kind words,i really appreciate it. Yeah i know what you mean about time and effort, and sometimes my posts are perhaps too long being caught in moment of inspiration. I also like to be detailed and give proper reply when replying back to people, so that's probably one of reasons why i write a lot too.

    Grammar is however another thing and it could definitely use improvement. You see im not native speaker with English being my secondary language so sometimes i do mistakes, and if i need help about it ill definitely contact you. Thanks for your offer, and i think ill send you friend request.

    If thats ok i mean.
    Hi, i noticed that i received several likes from you. Glad to see that someone like my posts, and i thank you for that.
    I really think these ratings are just very random and aren't really representing viewers opinions about every ep... it may also have to do with events or other TV airings that appealed to the target audience and were on the same time
    Whatever, that doesn't really mean anything... and at least to me, that was the best BW ep so far
    Hey, I had added you to my mention list. But, I'll remove you if you want, just say the word. Since, I can understand getting mentions for every new chapter can be quite annoying at times.
    Either way, I reeeeeally don't like him for getting rid of the cool characters early on. If he had some sort of charm to him I'd be more forgiving, but in reality he's nothing more than an unpolished Heather/Duncan. And while I don't HATE her, Zoey kinda bored me (maybe she'll get more interesting when I see the English version of her going commando) and the Mike romance felt generic and forced. I actually think Anne Maria and "Vito" make a more interesting pair. I liked Dawn and B's friendship and loved Sam/Dakota, nevermind the stupud mutations poor Dakota had to go through. Sam still digs her, and I like that. :') I vaguely recall Jo and Brick having a bit of a rivalry that I liked seeing, and it's a shame they messed with her potential in an attempt to make us like Cameron or something. I wish RotI had the length of the other seasons so maybe we'd get to see more screentime for the better characters who deserved to stay on longer, but that's a pity. Guess that's what the fanfiction is for.
    All this, without me even having go into detail how happy I was that D/G became canon, when most couples I fancy on shows never come to that. The shitstorm was inevitable, but I always thought Courtney had it coming because she was always so controlling of Duncan. There's a great fanfic on the subject that highlights this, and I agree with what it said; that Courtney didn't really "love" Duncan, but instead loved what she could make of him (i.e. turning a delinquent punk into an upstanding gentleman to reflect on her aspiring political career). I felt really bad for Gwen, though. Most of the fanbase that threw shitfits over what happened seemed to forget this show is called Total DRAMA, and that teenage romances are often spontaneous. At least D/G had some backing to it, and during late TDA (specifically when Duncan voted Courtney off) I could see where he was finally getting sick of putting up with Courtney's crap. But people still claim the whole thing came out of left field, of course. Some people don't seem to realize events from past seasons can still be relevant for events that happen in later seasons. That was the whole basis of why Duncan treated Harold like crap in TDA, after all.

    For RotI, I forgot I hated Staci too, because she wasn't really a character at all. She was just an archetype that could speak. I got too lazy to watch all the episodes of the series (might as well wait for CN next month), but I was underwhelmed when I found out the finals came down to Lightning and Cameron; I didn't have strong feelings for either of them so I'm sure they'll continue to not impress me when I watch the rest of the episodes. I did skim through the French version of the episode where Scott got eliminated, but it didn't feel punishing enough for him. Or maybe it is since I don't know French.
    Not to mention Courtney did not get her obligatory comeuppance as an antagonist in TDA (getting voted off by your boyfriend and getting ink squirted in your face is nothing compared to getting your head shaved, getting a ton of broken bones that makes you look hideous, and getting scorched by LAVA). Arguably it could have been delayed which would explain why she lost Duncan to Gwen in TDWT and consequently lost what remained of her sanity, but it still bugged me that Courtney pretty much got a happy ending in TDA either way after wrecking the story and several characters with her presence. Had Courtney not gone through what she did in TDWT, I might've not been able to like her again.

    I loved most of TDWT's songs (I had them all on a repeating loop on my iPod for months), and besides Izzy not getting to return, Noah not lasting long enough, Harold getting booted way too early, and Team Victory always getting the short end of the stick, I don't have much to complain about TDWT. Even Sierra, who did bug me to a degree because I think that's her purpose as a parody of crazy real-life Cody-fans, had her moments like obsessing over Chris (to the point of publicly embarrassing him; I loved that so much), her knowledge of watching the show being relevant (so Heather couldn't trick her), and her obsession for Cody indirectly leading to her elimination and loss of her hair was fun to see. Only thing I don't want to see was the infatuation becoming mutual; being good friends was fine by me, but I'm hoping they aren't a real couple. I'm rather big on Cody/Noah, after all. :p And like I said, TDWT really made me love Heather. I never disliked her, but she wasn't a big favorite of mine until TDWT where she basically became an anti-hero and her character development from TDI to TDWT was very prominent. I always love continuity.
    Actually, my heart wasn't pounding that much when Chris trolled the cast in The Princess Pride. For all that Justin went through, I was almost excited that he was getting another chance to stay, but got let down when he was actually being eliminated. Much as I love Duncan, I would've liked to see Courtney have to function without him. One good thing TDA did was make Harold one of my favorite characters, though. The Duncan/Harold conflict was as prominent in TDA as the Gwen+Leshawna/Heather conflict was in TDI, and I was really hoping to see Harold in the finals. Ideally I would've liked to see Duncan/Harold in the finals, or at least (if there had to be a girl) Harold/Lindsay or something along those lines (I wasn't expecting Duncan to be a finalist at first because he ranked so high in TDI).I also hated Owen's comeback; it felt really unnecessary and I would have liked to see Duncan and Harold actually settle their differences in Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen (the TDA episode titles were awful) since they were a pretty good team when they did work together, and Harold's elimination was pure bullshit and shouldn't have ended in an unresolved misunderstanding, imo. So yeah, I did not care for Owen's return and he got a lot less funny by that time, too, so his whole presence was pointless. TDA was a season with a lot of potential, but was ultimately mishandled due to the poor decisions they made in the storyline. In a way I think TDA made me see Courtney as a bigger villain than Heather, too.
    Another multi-parter VM, huzzah:
    It doesn't surprise me that Justin's thing in TDA was aborted; it was abrupt enough to come off that way. I was excited for Justin being the new bad guy because we already knew his flaws since TDI that were kept in TDA (mainly being too lazy to do any of the dirty work, being easy to aggravate, relying completely on his charms to get him through the competition), but since he was so silent until the TDI-TDA transition, he had an element of mystery to him and his manipulative skills worked well in the early part of the season. It's a shame; I think Courtney could have returned without completely ruining Justin's character, but TDA had a lot of ideas they tried and failed at. Generally I liked TDA less than the other series because many of the challenges felt underwhelming compared to TDI (and especially TDWT); a lot of them just didn't torture the teens enough. And being a sadist myself for all things fictional, I of course loved Chris McLean. He's the sort of guy I would dig in real life (if only I weren't so asexual); the more sadistic he got - evil laughs and all - the more I loved him. The finale of TDA was also pretty underwhelming compared to past seasons. Following up a crazy deadly marathon in TDI to drawing votes in TDA after some informal polling was extra lame. I'm glad TDWT made its finale much more epic (even though I didn't care for the final song; This Is How We Will End It is much more of a fitting finale to me).
    On one final note, I did make a blog post on TDW last night, but I probably fucked it up with too much whining and playing the victim.

    But I still think their "we can't let our users think it's okay to be inactive because YOU are, fuck your past accomplishments, only the NOW matters" justification is crap. There's so much the wiki needs improvement on, more prominent problems that can affect user morale, and they honestly think me being an inactive bureaucrat is an issue? It's not like I haven't tried to be active again. My edits are just being repelled by idiots and no one's helping out. I've got experience and wisdom, and they think it's optimal to cut me out of the picture?

    It feels more like fighting a losing battle with TDW than it does with any user here.
    I suppose I liked that Courtney was no longer unbreakable and overly-talented in TDWT, so she had vulnerabilities again. But I do still like Courtney. Easiest way to put it is that I loved her in TDI and TDWT, but didn't like her in TDA. I saw a lot of people complain about how TDWT was handled, but honestly I was alright with most of the things that happened. The only characters I dislike are Katie+Sadie (they just got really old and really annoying) and Beth (fine in TDI, but way too annoying in TDA and got to the finals WAY too easily - she never even had to deal with the pressure of being in the Bottom Two). And I need to rewatch RotI to get a better gist of the characters, but the only one I disliked was Scott because he was just an extremely uninteresting and bland male version of Heather, without the Queen Bee motif. Most of my favorites in RotI got eliminated first because of him, so I think he's a lame imitation who made the show less fun for me. :/ I was alright with Heather doing it because she actually was a villain you could love to hate (and TDWT really made me love her).

    About the original stories, I have been told that I should pursue that line of work before. The problem is that I don't have much inspiration or love for my own original creations; I'm not very good about making things from scratch and I can't bring myself to care about my own self-made characters. With no heart in the project, there's no point in trying to pursue it. Fanfiction's the only writing that brings me joy. I appreciate the compliments for my writing, and I wish I could publish my works, but at this stage the closest thing I could manage in a writing career is being a Star Wars novelist... if only I actually cared that much about the Star Wars fandom. Makes me wish any fandom could have novelists paid for their stories, really. Or if only I lived in Japan, where even Final Fantasy franchises can have novels published. C'est la vie.
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