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  • Pretty good. I finally got a team together for XY OU, and I'm working on actually breeding the team in X (yay for the Destiny Knot buff!).
    I do agree that Steel losing the resistance to Ghost and Dark is huge, especially to any of those Steel/Psychic-types (I am quite amazed Jirachi lost most of its usage after that, though its inability to paralyse Electric-types is another factor). On a lesser note, it confirms to me that all the Steel/Psychic-types have great stats and/or abilities because Steel/Ghost is much better as a type, as Aegislash had proven.

    I suppose OU took most of the better fairies, and Mega Gardevoir is not available yet (I heard it's difficult to handle in UU when it was allowed), so I can see why you think it's not worth the hype. Clefable for example had proven to be great with just a type conversion to pure Fairy just because it can use its abilities well (though the Special Attack increase helped a little). Azumarill and Mega Mawile of course benefit from it on an offensive perspective. I guess if we have more Fairy-types, then it would be better, since we don't have a lot of them now.

    I remember you said something about how Dark-types are somewhat weaker because of the dominance of Fighting (in Gen 5), so it seems like they are in a better position this time around. While that's quite nice, it's sad to see that Ghost-types aren't as good (there are only two on OU, and in UU there are another two), likely because of Knock Off's power boost. I suppose that's what happen when they do not have the good stat distribution as the others.

    Thanks for reading.
    Well, that's good news! I've been kinda keepin' myself busy with a Sapphire Nuzlocke lately. XD
    If you come back here, maybe you would like to take a look at the changes in the type chart, as well as some mechanic changes.

    If you do take a look at them, what do you think?
    Using the powers of my amazing brain, I can work out that you are 19 now by adding those numbers
    Or one could just look at your about me tab, that works to.
    Just wanted to see how things played back in Gen 1.
    About the AI, I know it is dumb during most generations, but at least they souped it up for the gymleaders. No such luck in Yellow. By the Way, Giovanni's pokemon know leer. LEER!
    Yeah that's right. It's something worth looking back to (especially to me). Anyway, this reminds me of a warstory on Smogon which has a coincidentally same team as yours, only observable difference is that the Infernape there is Life Orb, while yours is Scarf: (5th Gen) Driving under the summer sun, and the GPS is telling me to make a U-turn... - Smogon Community

    Is this a coincidence?

    Thanks for reading.
    We did not go to states, but kicked ass in our last competition. Battling has been on the backburner because I've become infatuated.
    Well, testing and programming. Not exactly impressive if you ask me.

    I will send you a PM with a list shortly.
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