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  • Hi!

    Would you like to exchange Friend Codes with me? My Safari contains Dunsparce, Loudred and Eevee.
    FC: 5129-1818-1415
    Name: Hooiberg / IGN: Thomas

    Thanks in advance!
    Hi there!! I'd like to add you to my Friend Safari. My FC is 1418-6718-4136 and my Safari is Fairy type. I don´t remember what Pokémon it contains, but I'm pretty sure it at least has Togepi in it :p

    Thank you very much!
    Hello, I'm looking for Ditto safaris and would like to add your FC. I have a Psychic type safari with Abra, Wobbuffet, and Girafarig. If you're interested my friend code is 0147-0109-5669 and my 3DS name is spm107. Thank you!
    Hi, I'm looking for Dittos on the friend safari. Hope you can help me out. My FC is 3153-4791-6666. I have a water-type safari. Thanks in advance.
    hey there! hope you don't mind i've added your 3DS FC so i can try your friend safari - mine is 3153-3959-7484 & i have ghost types in mine (shuppet, pumpkaboo & spiritomb) :)
    Hey, when you get a chance, can you tell me what my friend safari is? The name is Oscar on X and Dj on Y. Thank you.
    Hey, I saw your post in the 3DS friend code tread. I added you. My fc is 2036-7649-9120. I don't know what type my friend safari is, but I have beaten Pokemon X.
    mefysto - 2509-2078-2034
    nexiss - 5343-8992-5740
    weird - 2638-0637-8465
    cooce - 1134-8272-8990
    grey - 1693-0837-6775

    we all added you :)
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