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  • Bother bother bother poke poke huggle poke. Look at all the bother I'm causing you! Oh my the bother just piles up! ;P

    Hey, Musa, could you cover the tournament bracket for me? Something urgent came up, and I'm trying to look for anyone to cover me. I'll understand if you can't, though.
    Decided to end the Christmas theme early. Can my username be switched back to Jabberwocky, please?
    Sorry to bother you, but if it's not too much trouble could you change my username back to Hawkeye? I'm having a bit of trouble logging on from my devices with the Japanese characters and all. ^^; And if not that's okay.
    Saw the pony in the profile pic, then read the plaque thing as HERD ADMINISTRATOR and stared at it for a while. How fun~
    Is that the only scan (that is still available) that doesn't list the TRio? Note that Elesa and Bianca are listed, whereas that isn't the case for Trip, Bianca or Kotetsu in the BW104 scan.
    Adamant claims that the magazine (Newtype?) just used the standard Best Wishes VA list. I want to refute that claim, but for some reason the magazine scans we got for recent episodes cut off the VA-related information, so I can't tell if there is anything unusual about the scan for BW104. But it does seem like a generic list considering that the guest characters aren't mentioned at all. Still, surely they wouldn't keep listing Jessie and James if they were written off the show.
    Hey there :)

    If it's not too much trouble, would you be able to change my DOB? Initially, I didn't want to put up my real one, so it's off by about a year and 25 days. Could you change it to the 26th January 1998?

    Sorry 'bout that, and thanks :)
    Do you know what this page says? I can tell that Team Plasma are mentioned in Looker's section, but is it strongly implied that he was looking for them rather than Team Rocket?

    Not that it really matters, since the two-parter may have very well ended with the Team Plasma remnants being arrested and Looker following Giovanni to Kanto. For that matter, the entire event may never be mentioned.
    Hey, I'm not sure how I managed to fuck up my DOB, but evidently I did :|

    I suppose its not too late to change it? o_O
    Excuse me I wanted to ask a quick question. I want to upload pictures from my computer (no url link) and they come out as attachments. But they come out really small when I preview them and I want to make them bigger. How do I do that besides adding
    Excuse me, ma'am, I was intending to keep this username for October as a sort of 'costume', but now I would like to go back to Procyon. Could you change it back?
    However, I'd be happy to keep it if need be.
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