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  • Ah, fair enough.

    Honestly, I think people who mistake close friendship for romance don't understand the true meaning of friendship. Perhaps that's a little harsh, but in my personal experience, when people misinterpret the two, it's just because they don't understand having friends as close as that.
    You might have heard of Lady Chatterley's Lover? That's probably his most famous book. But, then, he's an English author so I suppose it's not that likely that you'll have heard of him.

    It just struck me how close to his ideas what you said seemed.
    Sexuality is a tricky one. I don't like romance much at all, but my characters (being mostly male), have been said to be gay before. In my mind they weren't (just in some reader's minds), because I find friendship to be a high value and something to drive the plot. English as a language lacks a word for it in my opinion, but essentially, the characters are friends, who do love each other, not romantically (platonic doesn't quite suit it), but also not like a family/brotherly love. It is a relationship, but not one of romance. In general, I don't like romance novels dealing heavily in relationships and love, so it is hard for me to write a romantic scene, and for the most part, my stories don't go in that area.
    I didn't want to derail the thread because this isn't really on-topic, but have you ever read D.H. Lawrence? This sounds a lot like a concept that he was heavily interested in. I particularly suggest Women in Love. (To be honest, I think a better title would have been Men in Love, as the man-man relationships seem far more positive than the apparently positive man-woman relationships.)
    The drive over was awesome XD

    I got to see the pacific ocean shining down as we went towards san diego. My step grandparents live in a great-looking area. During the day, they served us a great dinner buffet (they're really good people :D )

    However, the drive back...was terrible. My little step brothers REALLY irritated me and my parents the whole way, constantly making annoying noises, play fighting, moving all over the place, and continually asking pointless questions.

    Man, I was SO happy when I got out of the truck. Sheesh, they behave worse than our dog sometimes.
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