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  • Oi you. Yeah, you. XD If you ever come back, think you could give me a full explanation on why you named Gold/Karen "CloseToChampionshipping"?
    boobs>hips for me, though really, it's a good balance that matters in the end.

    BTW, I've been looking over some Pokemon's movesets over the generations, and I see another point where Gold/Silver seriously fucked up. Not only were most of the new Pokemon obtainable in really obscure ways, but a lot of people weren't kidding when they said they weren't even worth using. Later generations at least showed them some mercy with better movesets and evolutions (gen2 having a lot of crappy single-stagers), but here, they're just awful ('course, this is overlooking TMs, but aside from being limited in supply, GS had a pretty lousy selection of them anyway). Slam is Ootachi's best attack (and it probably remains the worst early-game mammal, which is saying something), Caterpie laughs at Ledyba's attempt at a Tackle (it needs to rely on Supersonic, of all things, in hopes of getting anywhere), and Ariados gets stuck with Poison Sting even longer than the Spear line needs to put up with it (in fact, all its attacks are severely low-powered until it learns Psychic past level 50, and it's not even a special attacker). Also, while I complain about generation 5 barely updating most of the old Pokemon's attacks, it seems that generation 3 is just as guilty, with the gen2 Pokemon especially being susceptible to keeping the exact same level-up set and never seeing a true update until Diamond/Pearl (though Colosseum's still the best game that does them justice, and starting them off at high levels with unnatural movesets might've helped some).
    Ahh, might I suggest you try the ol' 'copy n' paste in address bar' routine? Get's 'em every time!
    Are you interested in providing a quote for my reviews? If you don't know, I may ask some people around to provide their opinion or their general perception on a certain Pokémon or that family to add in my reviews. If you are, you may provide a quote for either Amoonguss/Morobareru family or Sawsbuck's family.
    Mine is Kojondo. I like fast Pokemon who happen to be very strong. That's also why I like Zoroark and Infernape.

    I like Doredia a lot too.
    I guess they used the name "Orion" because:
    "Orion includes the prominent asterism known as the Belt of Orion: three bright stars in a row."

    So, the three bright stars of Orion City are its gymleaders. :p
    Some German gaming magazine is leaking the German town names of BW.
    Sanyou City is name Orion City in Germany. Let's hope the name is used for the english version as well. :p

    Edit: Oh, I just saw serebii's update. Too bad that Orion City wasn't used in the English version. ^^"
    wow... so you say Jukain's among your least favorite Pokemon? That's... kinda shocking to me. Both because this is the first I'm hearing about it and because it is easily one of my personal favorites (even if I do, admittedly, think Sugimori made it look a tad too bulky and laid-back for a speedster).
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