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  • well shiny dialga can be soft reset for but the event didn't happen till gen V anyway jirachi fits the bill for the event if it is a hack it's a really good hack, unlike this one jirachi i got in black 2 from a friend it was caught in a master ball -.-
    not in all cases they sometimes make it past pokebank even some legit ones didn't make it through pokebanks not the best at hack checks
    Okay! Your Snivy and Tepig are ready! Meet me in the wifi room. My friend code is 3095 8831 3240
    I know for a fact this NEVER happens in 4th Gen games. B/W are the only ones I've seen this happen with at all. I can expect Grey to possibly be just fine with WiFi though if this is indeed a glitch.
    But anyways, thanks for the final 3 events! :D
    I wonder if this is some kind of glitch in the code or something. Does the Japanese version do this at all as well?
    ...Ok...... Let's just try this again and exit then re-enter..... I know it's done it before but it never did it THIS much for me....
    It makes me real mad that this happens as well. Gets in the way of trades that I have to do with my friends. One of my friends doesn't have a second DS for her 4th Gen games to transfer over stuff so I have to go through this just to trade her Pokemon over to her.
    It's always when I select the trade option as well.....

    Perhaps after you disable the Voice Chat by pressing X you start the trade yourself. Sometimes there's a different result depending on who starts it. I still don't have a single clue why it does it though... it's so strange...
    Exactly the time over where I am then. I knew you wouldn't have been too far away from my timezone atleast, I just couldn't remember exactly where Virginia was. x-x
    I say we exit then Re-Enter the room. The connection does this to me and my friends whenever we try to trade. I don't have a clue why though.
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