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  • Would you mind posting some damage calculations the next time you try to prove a point about competitive battling? It helps people like me who supposedly lack "basic knowledge" of the games they play.
    Oh my AECEUS! Your signiature is AWESOME! Why didnt I think of animating that so very awesome BW ending?
    Um, I was wondering...where did you get your avatar pic? I tried finding nice fan pics of Zuruzukin and well, was quite unsuccessful -_-; Is that the full art? (I am guessing not...)
    Excuse me, Mr Error, but can I ask you a question? Can you go to the New Pokemon Discussion Thread? I have some important information concerning Meguroco there.
    Well, I can't prove anything because there is proof for both sides. Though your side is believing the word of one guy. After another guy said that he made them.

    But, I do expect that apology when you're proven wrong by a source greater than me~~
    There's more to it than that. But you're so far away from the truth that even if you see it, you'll be saying "WTF? Lies." When they are proven fake, I expect an apology. Cause I'll let you believe what you want for now. But you're wrong. So is Serebii, WPM and whoever else believes that guy who said they are real.

    Good day.
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