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  • I actually did not until tonight. Because I wanted to watch Chorocojo play through Ocarina of Time. ^^;
    Everything is fine, no offense taken. I suppose i perhaps reacted inappropriately too giving different impression. Sure i think becoming E4 would fit within character and its goals,but i do understand how chances are small for it.

    My mistake was that i wasnt enough cleared within point i made. We all have different views and its not to expect that consensus will be achieved on certain things, but as long everyone are respectful thats ok.
    Hey, PL threads don't show immediately as they need moderator approval first as outlined in the PL rules. We've seen the original and we're discussing it now. We'll reach a decision by the next 24 hours.
    Thank you. I had quite a lot of practice with that debate, experience I sorely believe I need. I had a hard time trying to justify why Misty couldn't leave the gym, but I think in the end I pulled it together.
    Hi,just wanted to say that i enjoyed in discussion we had about Misty and other characters in that thread.We may not see eye to eye on some things but i still respect your opinions and i must say your pretty good at debating.
    Good luck finding the novels; they were released in the mid to late '90s. I bought mine used. In any case, they are pretty damned good military SF.
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