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  • I can imagine, I'd love to visit there in the twilight months, although I'm sure it would be nothing like my childish imagination would have me believe.

    On another note, you really need to use an Espeon with the nickname "Espooon":3
    Literally? I heard it snowed quite a lot in Rovaniemi last night, no idea whereabouts you are though.
    Ah, I've read the Soul Eater manga a few times, but it I watched the anime first, so I'm biased to that. XD
    Aren't they beautiful? If Giovanni's shadowed face in the anime had turned out to look like that, I'd just cry XD

    LOL, everyone was thinking it XD I still think it's aDERPable~
    For some reason, I never ever name my starters.

    Choroneko looks really cute! I can't believe it's a common though...and everyone in the games seems to have it XD I know what you mean! At first glance, everything was hideous...but now, I'm even starting to like the icecream pokemon.

    Yeah, I was the weird nature child XD I love insects and spiders.

    Ohh, I have a list right here:

    It's not the entire list, just the ones off the top of my head. I'll most likely need to update it as we see more of Shooti and Dent :3

    I'm open to most ships and crack pairings. The only one I'm against is Ikarishipping...I just can't support it no matter what XD But I love the fanart and AMVs.
    Yep, it was. :3 But it's another thing I've only seen in Finland. Yay! Cookie for you. XD Me too, it's crazy funny! I'd buy the DVD if it had subs. D: Oh Kyösti Pöysti and his dummy... XD I was like WTF when I saw that. ._. ¦3
    Yeah... :c There's loads more that was new to me, like Mehukatti (yum~ XD)and Grandi (double yum~). Marabou also! *o* Umm... ;u; Ironically, I know "Minä en puhu Suomea". I think that's right... Course I know Moi, hei, kiitos (and kiiti, not sure if it's spelled right) lapsi, koira... yeahhh, quite a few random words. XD And On se jännä! -shot- Cookie for you if you know the TV show that last sentence is from! XDD
    -hops from my n00b thread to here- I liek friendsss~ -shot-
    And yes, yay for Finland! It's such a pretty country with all the forest... :3 Hee, I had no idea what Fazer was until I came here, but now I love it. D: And I'd never had a Dallas Pulla either. Shame on me. DDD:
    Hmm~ mitäköhän mitäköhän..
    No itse käyn vaan aktiivisesti täällä, Teejiifoorumilla ja Pokémon-foorumilla : D
    Halautko kokeilla jompaa kumpaa? ^^
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