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  • I'm not sure if you're in the room again now, but I would like to have my new Porygon2 back soon. I had go to my other computer so I could check easier, since the 3DS browser is so annoying to use for big sites like this. I can return that Rufflet to you since I bred one from my Braviary (the one from Route 4 with his hidden ability) for the data, so I really don't need it. And if you happen to have a Dubious Disk to evolve it to Porygon-Z, that would be nice, too, but not necessary.
    It's fine, I'm over that phase now anyway; seems to bother too many people. I only started doing that because of a Fizzy Bubbles thing anyway.
    I often tend to mirror how the other person acts towards me. If somebody's being a prick, I'm more likely to get annoyed, sarcastic, defensive... but if I sound calm and relaxed, it means I'm actually in a good mood and didn't need to mentally screen or filter what I'm typing before hitting the Send button.
    And it is true that in public spaces I will be very careful about what I say and how I phrase it. I work in a typical grocery store so being nice to people (even when they're not) is literally part of my job.
    Sure, I've had an account registered here for several years but I haven't actually actively participated much on it until recently.

    I've never really participated much in friend/group subsystems that are not necessary to the function of the respective website. I also hang around a number of sites (deviantART, FurAffinity, TVTropes, Nanowrimo), which tends to thin out my participation on any given one.
    This is done of my business but I see you have been here for awhile, and that you have no friends on your profile. I must ask why? If that type of question is personal or whatever then please tell me so I don't do it again.
    I had to worry at first because you did not tell me what you just told me now. Some people can be on here for years, and still dislike some stories. Just trying to warn you in case if you were that type of person that I know now you are not. Sorry for caring. :(
    You don't have to worry over whether the content of your story will "ruin my childhood", because (1) I've been on the Internet for years so you're rather late for that, and (2) I'll be the one telling you if that's the case.

    In the meantime, if you haven't noticed already when I do a spelling/grammar check I use red for a spelling error and magenta for a grammar error. Some errors (like its/it's) I actually classify as a spelling error (instead of grammar) because the words are homonyms, you clearly have the correct word in your head but you just didn't type it correctly.
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