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  • Hi!! I'm Sasaki The Pikachu from Serebii forums, you might've seen me around, I recently jumped ship to here :D pleased to run into somebody I already know! I always found your posts really enlightening, it's so helpeful when someone can translate Japanese!!
    But maybe he wouldn't mind telling you when he is due to appear. I mean, he did post about the recording.
    Masuda recorded a Smash show on December 6th, but he isn't mentioned in any of the synopses for the episodes up until January 13th. Do you think this is another special case where they want to keep his appearance a surprise, just as they had done with the episode in which he announced B2W2? On the other hand, Yamamoto's comments make me lower my expectations, as they seem to imply something battle-related and the January 6th episode will feature some tournament. Could you ask Masuda about this?
    Hi i know this is abit random, but i can't help but not to notice your avatar. That pose of lt. Surge Raichu just being about ready to fry someone is amazing bringing back memories.

    Is Raichu by any chance your favorite pokemon?
    Do you have more examples than the one you posted? What about other legendaries? I know that Kyurem and Rayquaza have appeared in some sets, but have they been spotted with Genesect, too?
    I've noticed that Mewtwo has appeared in one of the sets featuring Genesect and Charizard. Does that seem random or significant to you?
    Hiya!! I don't know why I hadn't noticed you sooner, but I just thought I'd say hi XDD

    I loved your website, and I read all your fanfics as well :) You are seriously epic, and I'm glad to see you :)
    Could you tell me a bit about the B2W2 guidebook? I'm mostly curious as to how it fills up 590 pages. I take it that it covers everything about the games even though the description made it seem that it would revolve around the post-game features. Is the character section limited to the concept art you posted?
    Could you ask Masuda when he is going to appear on Smash? Since he didn't have a problem telling someone that he had returned from filming the show, he might not mind telling you the broadcast date.
    I thought that his English was fine since I'd even seen you tweet him in English. Could you do me a favor and translate that question for me? I'd really like to know that I am not overanalyzing that picture.

    I take it that there wasn't anything interesting in CoroCoro Ichiban?
    I tweeted Masuda a question about the new city seen in the animated trailer, but he hasn't replied. Do you think he minded the English or the actual question? For the record, I was hoping for an acknowledgement rather than a straightforward answer.
    On this page, the caption beneath the image with the tournament bracket apparently says that the gym leaders will need to be downloaded. Is it clear whether or not this will be the case for all of them or just some?
    Could you confirm that this page really says that the new battle facility is being run by Cynthia? That's what the blog said, but I'd like to be sure since no website mentioned it today.
    I can't argue with what you're saying and I respect your opinion, although if I were in your position I don't think I would be offended by Game Freak doing that. But if most people share your opinion, then I'm surprised that they aren't bothered by the "abnormal event" wording. It isn't necessarily a reference to a natural disaster, but as I see it, that is the most reasonable assumption. I haven't even seen any serious speculation about what else those words could mean.

    On an unrelated note, what's your input on this? Do you agree with my assessment, or am I missing something? Is it correct to assume that a Pokédex guide wouldn't be referred to as an adventure guide?
    Now this was posted and I got more emails and messages going “HAH!! Proven wrong! Japan disagrees!”.
    I’m just tired of these messages implying I am deliberately misleading people with my anti-ice agenda… as if I give a crap to the point of misleading people? Why bother? What would possibly be the point in that?

    I hope you didn't say that in reference to me because I was definitely not trying to prove you wrong or accuse you of anything. I don't see how it is possible to interpret my last message as being even remotely obnoxious, so I'm guessing that someone else approached you about this.

    I would still like to know why you find it extremely unlikely that a natural disaster of some kind is actually involved. Do you think it would cause controversy in Japan? You should know the answer to that better than I do, but don't you think that the map alone would upset some people in that case? Even you thought the ice was real at first.
    Do you still have that production artwork for that Aloe episode? The one that shows the June 2010 date at the top? I wasn't able to find it on your website anywhere :(
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